Fees: requesters, buyers

You can use basic features for free.

Fees: sellers, responders ▶

Membership fee, contract fee, purchase commission
You can use for free.
Write requests on the land map
You can write a request (your wants or problems) on the land map to meet responders or sellers.
Two banban boards
A decidable app for decision making and comparison: You can decide neatly even with many candidates. A user have two free banban boards. The number of free ban ban boards can be increased to 20 per organization through user invitations and presents.
Chat sessions
You can exchange messages, photos, videos, PDFs, and files with family and stores.
Video sessions
You can make a video session with your family or store. Up to three people at the same time. You can send a link to people who don't have an account to invite them.
Free Land domain names
A Land domain name is a part of a Land ID (username/Land domain name) that represents an organization. You can chat or video session with your Land ID (Plan). A free Land-domain name includes numbers and a country code automatically. Example: //peace-shop-2040-jp
Free storage (1GB)
You can easily exchange files with organizations, families, or stores.
You can easily share your notes within your organization and make them public.
You can create projects for each of your needs, such as buying a TV or asking someone to do your gardening.
Create organizations
You can shop together with your family, friends, or team.
Usage fees are paid in advance. Because it does not exceed the limit set at the time of option purchase, you can use the system without fear of exceeding your budget.
Land domain names (plan)
The fee is determined by the characters. A good land domain name can help you gain the trust of sellers. Example: hirai-satoru//hirai-family
$3.00- / month
Additional banban boards (plan)
The number of banban boards can be increased.
$1.00 / board / month
Additional storage (plan)
This is necessary if you have exceeded your free storage capacity.
$0.5 / 1GB / month
  • Currently, the above fees are not available for payment.
  • Usage fees are paid in advance. This is not a pay-as-you-go service. There is no need to worry about being charged unexpectedly high fees later on, because you cannot use the paid options beyond the predetermined quota (number, sheets, etc.). Even if your actual usage is less than the number of quotas you purchased, you will still be charged.
  • Fees for an individual user account are charged to the user. Fees for organization users are charged to the organization.
  • Organization user's quotas are shared in an organization.
  • Fees exclude taxes. Tax rates depend on the country.
  • We may revise these fees from time to time without notification.

Questions and answers

  • help_outline How do I pay for sellers' products? Pre-pay? Post-pay?

    Use sellers' payment methods. We will provide credit card and cashless payment methods.

    Pre-pay or Post-pay depends on sellers. In general, pre-pay for most products and services, but post-pay for some services such as repairs.

    Check the seller's public profile.