Participation of international students is welcomed.
  • I want shoes that go well with this skirt.
  • I need a laptop but I have no idea.
  • Where is the best piano teacher for my son?
  • A faucet was broken. I need a plumber today!

Too many products and stores to choose!

Pay is not enough at all!


Buy by requests

Buy, ask, or get anything easily with requests on the map.

Receive proposals that fit your preferences from a specified number of stores and companies. Simply select and buy what you desire.

To research yourself, Banban boards is great.


Surprisingly it naturally mitigates the economic inequality problem.

AI taking over jobs? A remarkable new technology allows anyone to increase everyone's pay and jobs, while making the community thrive.

Buyers can expect to purchase cheaper than before, while many sellers will have much more sales, even at the same prices.

Three easy steps to buy or ask for

Also for free trades, help, job seeking, gathering people, and B2B except paid trades between individuals and banned things.

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looks_one Write

Write a request. "I want...", "I ask for", or "I'm in a trouble".

looks_two Place

Place it at any place on the land map. Shops and companies make entries. Check profiles and choose shops.

looks_3 Choose

Shops up to the number you specified make various offers for your needs. Choose one. Or ask in messages or video sessions, if needed.

Just after you write a request, cute and smart AI Happy will assist you in a dedicated message session. So, don't worry if you couldn't find a store.

Detailed usage

Beta testing. User registration is easy.
Hope to spread: A new tool for the inflation

privacy_tip Place requests apart from your home and work for safety. Sellers are prohibited from marketing to you outside of Requestland.

privacy_tip Warranty and support are provided by the sellers. None by Requestland. Confirm their policies before purchase and use at your own risk. All things are hypothesis and we expect they will come true when there are enough number of users.

language Works on web browsers without installation. Requests support 170 currencies and 37 languages. Available in 190 countries.

Screenshot of requests on the land map
Screenshot of requests on the land map

Looks like Google Maps?

No. Google search has companies and products. Requestland has people's wants to buy and things to do. 180 degree upside down.

When to ask to buy
Write a request like "I want ... like this" on the Land map.
Choose the best from nice offers by shops up to the number you specified*1.
When to find out yourself
Banban board
A shared board you can sort cards to select the best for your purposes.
Also enjoy with friends.
When you got or visited
Show photos and videos on what you got🍎, visits✌️, recommendations😄 on the map. Contribute to the community and encourage shops.
When you want more income
Resolve inequality
New technology aims to increase everyone's income and energize the area.

The Points of requests

Much easier than finding out yourself

Simply write, "I want something like..." or "I'm in trouble..." with your budget, when and where you want.

It's versatile. Also good for free stuff and B2B.

Banban board when research yourself

Map and requests
Image of placing request on areas
Place requests far from you for safety.

Ask sellers at once, and save time and money

Sellers' receivers in the specified areas on the land map will receive your request.

Ask online and traditional shops, experts, and companies up to the number you specified (max 6) *1. Not for trades between individuals.

Image of placing request on areas
Place requests far from you for safety.

Get offers and advice. Just choose one you like.

Sellers up to the specified number make various offers for your request on pamphlets and promotion videos. If you need, ask in messages, video meeting, or Banban board.

You can avoid failures with professional advice.

Screenshot of banban board
Screenshot of offering olive oil via video session
Screen short of a message session
Illustration of person in a trouble

"Oh, I'm in trouble!" From request to buy on the Land!

It helps the entire process: the recognition of a problem, an inquiry, selection on Banban board , and purchase.

Shared notes, shared files, and task list are available for detailed consideration within your family and company.

Illustration of person in a trouble

A magical mechanism that benefits both buyers and sellers

One of biggest reasons of enlarging economic inequality is the reality that some companies at the top of search results and rankings have become to gain more and more sales. They have become wealthier, while others have become poorer.

On Requestland, with unique features such as requests and Banban boards, you can easily discover hidden gems that are good and reasonably priced, even from lower-ranked sellers.

This benefits both buyers and sellers, as buyers can find cheaper prices and most sellers can increase their sales even with the same price as before.

Use by many people can lead to a rise in pay, employment, and consumption, gradually benefiting the local economy and the top rankers.

More about Hirano market model

Conceptual  diagram of Hirano market model

More points

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Image of gems in lower ranking

Meet hidden gems at non-top of rankings

Even lost companies which do not spend much for ads must have many good products for you.
Illustration of Banban board with friends

Enjoy with your friends

Make an organization to shop together. Also for purchase in firms.
Illustration of a request for a red car

For things not online

Such as cars and construction. Say, "I want something like..."
Illustration of privacy

Respects your privacy

Sellers are prohibited from marketing you outside of Requestland. Requestland won't pass your personal information to ad networks.

OK not to buy

Happy informs "Sorry, next time" to sellers you don't buy. Users who buy often on the Land can expect good service.
Screenshot of handing a product

Safe in the COVID-19 crisis

Delivery or pick up. No long stay in shops.
Illustration of doumo

A short impression or a long story with photos on a favoritedoumo

favoritedoumo is your thanks, impression, story, and constructive suggestions of an item you got. You can support shops and manufacturers.
Illustration of doumo

Actual purchase prices in your region

Search for favorite doumos of what you want to find the average purchase prices of new, used, service, rental, etc.

Investigation and decision making

Decide on the Banban board. Also for coordination.

Rich tools for in-house use

In-house messages, video meeting, note/file sharing, task management, etc.

Enjoy coloring with background

Summer sky, Iris, Ninja, Matcha... with any back-images.

Reduce CO2 with the map

Buy near to reduce random shuffle of packets and cost for delivery. You can get support in case of trouble.

Patented technology

Requestland utilizes a marketing technology that is patented by Peace and Passion, and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan.

US 11393019 B2, JP 6722846, JP 6373980

Users are main actors

Users calls users to make the area better for themselves and the next generation.
Nagahama Asuka, Requestland Users Group (RLUG)
Director of sales at Takahashi Painting Company

I'm a sales rep of a renovation company. We carry out extremely harsh sales activities, with about 150 walk-in cases per day and several contracts closed each month.

So I came across a service called Requestland. When searching for products, companies that spend much money on advertising stand out, and many really good companies are buried.

I think Requestland is a very good service that we can find really good products.

Our company was able to get a contract at Requestland, and it didn't cost anything. I love it because I can meet new customers and have meetings with chat and video.

Saito Kanami, Requestland Users Group (RLUG)
Owner of Chez Yamabiko, an international share house

I am creating a space for international exchange in Ryugasaki, Japan.

I didn't like this world where riches get richer, so I listened to the presentation and decided that if I could solve it even a little, I would definitely support it.

I think even if it seems that you are making a choice on your own, the choices are already being guided on the net.

I hope that Requestland will revitalize the local economy. I'll do my best too!

Project goals

  1. Increase everyone's pay, resolve the serious disparity, and mitigate excessive competition to recover peace of mind.
  2. Build a decent economic system that everyone can work with passion and enough income for somebody's smile.
  3. Create a virtuous cycle of the local economy and pass a better world to our children and grandchildren.
The goals and policies
Hope to spread: A new tool for the inflation

History and future plans

We've been focusing on development for better tommorrow. We'd like to listen to your opinions.

For the time being, you will have little response to your requests and doumos. Don't mind and write more and more, please. As the number of requests increases, the service will work better.

Sellers please prepare receivers that automatically receive requests for you. When writing doumos for your product, please check "Advertising, asked, or fake".

Both buyers and sellers can use it for free. Although we will provide productivity options, free use will be continued.

Here users are the main actors. Please invite your friends and colleagues. We don't advertise at all.

Since there is no support from us, please help other users. We would like to support users to establish branches of the Requestland Users Group RLUG that proactively conducts promotional activities, case study presentations, events, etc. If you would like to set up a branch, please let us know.

We are looking for volunteers and staff. In particular, we need staff who can speak English and Japanese.

We have not received any funding from investors or universities, and have been operating unpaid with potluck funds and donations. Your sponsorship is very welcome.


Hirano, Aikawa, Peace and Passion


  • Banban board is now available. It's new and totally new. We use it everyday because it's so convenient!
  • Enjoy our YouTube videos! as we've started crafting videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for new artworks!
  • Oct. 30, 2021. An system error occurred from around 5:00 to 14:00. It has already been restored. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • May 25, 2022. We're going to expand the number of beta test users. Please use. And we've started a test of doumos. You can use a nice photo editor that has popular photo filters. Enjoy!
  • June 13, 2022. Creating sellers is now easy! You can create a store (organization) before login. Organization admins can add users (employees) without using invitation.
  • Feb. 1, 2023. AI assistant dog Happy appeared! He is kind and friendly. He helps your research. Also, he assists you even if there is no entry from shops.

We need your help

Due to the pandemic, so so many people have lost their lives or jobs. No time to lose.

As requests increase, users will gather and it will become a secure and convenient place for remote purchases and sales. You can use it for free and your privacy will be protected.

Sellers, please setup a receiver to receive requests that request your products automatically. When making an entry to a request, please write a new request for a purchase or procurement of your own.

Thanks! 👍

Follow updates and share for COVID-19.
  • *1 Available when enough number of users exist. The data displayed includes samples.
  • *2 Option under development.
  • *3 Click-to-cart style shopping will be available in a future release.
  • *4 Consider not only your region but also your neighbor regions as well.
Warranty and support by the sellers

The warranty and support of products are provided by sellers. Every trade has risks. Please check that the seller is trustworthy. Confirm their warranty and return policy on their public profiles very carefully before order.

In the event of a problem, please confer with one another and work out a solution. You can find the seller's phone number on the seller's public profile.

If you are cheated, report immediately to your local police with the seller's IP address (press IP address button of the message session). Also press the report improper use button of the message to inform us.

Best effort, no support

Contracts and sales are done between users, and Requestland is not involved. Requestland does not provide any support. Providing support in the world would impose a large cost that prevents free or cheap use. Please use it at your own risk. That does not, however, imply that the Land is lawless. We have a zero-tolerance policy for unauthorized use. We may monitor information that goes outside your organization. In the future, we will provide free community support, mutual checking, paid support, and discussion lists.


Although free quotas may be enough for small entities, larger entities may need payed options.

Requestland is in the testing and hypothetical stage. All descriptions are what we expect when with the enough number of users. There are many problems and limitations. Service suspension, data exposure or data loss may occur.

Your data and personal information are stored on cloud servers around the world for quick and safe access. It may not comply with your country's privacy protection or Internet security law. Use at your own risk.

  • error Cautions and warnings
    • Use for work with below the minimum wage is strictly prohibited. Give them or yourself an appropriate pay that will improve their or your income.
  • security About your privacy

    Requestland uses your location information provided by your device or estimated from your IP address for trades. Your public information displays country and state/prefecture.

    During a message session, your name, country and state/prefecture, your public profile and IP address are disclosed. Responder's Land ID is also displayed. (Generally, on an email you can see the peer's IP address.)

    More more detail read our privacy policy.

  • clear Deletion of user and withdrawal from Requestland

    If you delete a user, you will not be able to login and access your data. The Land name will be deleted immediately.

    Because messages, comments, and quotes you sent were copied to your peer, they can continue to read them. Your obligations to payment and provision of products will not disappear.

    Subscriptions of paid options will be canceled. You won't be refunded for the billing period during which you cancel.

    Withdrawal from Requestland will be done when you delete the individual user and all organizational users you are having. Organization accounts can be deleted only by administration users.

    User accounts and organizations that have not been logged in for more than a year may be deleted without notice.

When to write a request

Ban list