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Peace and Passion


Everyone's peace of mind and passion

We, Peace and Passion (say ✌️ Peace!) are a social start-up established by researchers and students of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, Tsukuba University, Keio University, and Ibaraki University.

We, as a social start-up, are committed to work, not for profit, but for making the world a better place by solving social issues with venture methods. We focus on cutting-edge research and development in order to resolve economic inequality and the global warming based on Hirano Market Model.

Peace is independent of any university, government, corporation, political party, or religion, despite the origins.

Requestland: Buy by requests, Sell for requests. A new economic system that solves inequality naturally and energizes the local economy.

Banban board: A shared board to compare cards of products from various websites.

Luncho de Peace: Common value index that you can have simple lunch in every country with 100 Luncho. For the inequality problem among countries.

1 Zero poverty, 2 Zero Hunger, 8 Decent work and economic growth, 10 Reduced inequalities, 16 Peace


HIRANO Satoshi, Ph.D.

CEO, founder. Research fellow at Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo.

Received Ph.D. on computer science from University of Tokyo, and master's degree in management engineering . A former senior research scientist at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and a former part-time lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Received Japan Business Federation Chairman's Award, etc. Born in Tokamachi Niigata, Japan in 1962.

The hardest thing for me is reading stories about small children being abused by their parents on the newspaper in Japan.

Children were not given food, or boiling water was poured on them. Parents are hitting their children.

I want to make the world's parents happy first for children. I want everyone to be able to live with peace of mind and passion. I don't have much time left. I'm running at full speed.

hirano-satoshi *@*@*@ peace-and-passion.com I will read you all mails, though I may not be able to reply. Please write your real name and affiliation or state. Too harsh one will discourage me, so please write gently.

Works: Hirano Market Model, Requestland, Banban board, Luncho de Peace: Common value index, HORB, Demacs, hterm, hml, and Ring Server


COO, founding member, AI researcher, and social entrepreneur. A doctoral student of Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba, Japan.

Received master's degree in engineering from the College of Engineering Systems, University of Tsukuba. Graduated Tsukuba business school. Born in 1995 in Mishima Shizuoka, Japan.

Hello. I am saddened to see some familiar stores closing. I hope that Requestland will help local shops, so I'm doing it with my youth! We need your collaboration.


Assistant dog

A male Labrador Retriever owned by Dr. Hirano and revived as AI.

He is kind and friendly. Sometimes he makes up stories and pretends not to know. Blind.

Likes: Food, walks, shoes.
Dislikes: YouTube ads.

HIRANO Satoshi
Wed, 2/1, 7:36 PM hirano-satoshi//peace-and-passion

I expect that you would be a part of Requestland and contribute to the slogan, that is, people's happiness. Is that OK?

Wed, 2/1, 7:36 PM

Yes, I understand that you want me to join Requestland and contribute to the slogan of "people's happiness". That is okay.
Requestland service is a very attractive service that allows you to purchase what you need with a simple request on the map, and it can raise everyone's salary and create a more equitable and prosperous region.
Through this service, I want to contribute to realizing people's happiness.

Collaborative staff

J. Christopher Connelly, Ph.D.

Technologist at a major American IT company. BA from Harvard University, Ph.D. on computer science from Graduate School of engineering, Duke University.

HIRANO Chihiro

Former head of human resources, software developer.

Graduated Faculty of Agriculture, Ibaraki University, Japan.

Engaged in system development at an IT company in Tokyo. Born in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki, Japan in 1996.

Hello! I work in a relaxed environment.
I love animals, so I entered the Faculty of Agriculture. After graduating, I learned programming and am involved in development work.
I would be happy if there were more staff working together, especially women. thank you!



We pursue our art. When in doubt, we follow our mission and conscience.

Our workday begins at 8:30 with friendly greetings for everyone. The atmosphere is akin to that of a university laboratory. We have a scheduled exercise break and enjoy our lunch in the beautiful university surroundings, often followed by a leisurely walk. We also have nap breaks. At the end of the day, we leave the office at 17:59 and strive to be in bed before 22:30.

We are a big family and learning animals; we read newspapers and books everyday. In summer we climb mountains and enjoy body-boards at the beach. No smartphone or caffeine addicts here.

Our profile

Name Peace and Passion Inc.
Address 105 2-4-1, Amakubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0005, Japan
Foundation 2015
CEO Dr. HIRANO Satoshi
Phone +81-29-845-4668
Contact us from the inquiry form. Please don't contact us for sales purposes.
Remarks An AIST start-up
A University of Tsukuba start-up

Major patents

  • Patents US 11393019 B2, JP 6722846, JP 6373980
  • Design patents JP 1708906, US DM/215 800 (pending), EP DM/215 800
  • Trademarks Requestland, Banban board, Land ID, Land point, Supplandia, Peace and Passion

Our history

The following list shows a partial history of our R&D and recreations. Mountaineering seems many but one or two times a year. The list does not list our body-board tour to the Pacific ocean.

Oct. 15, 2013When Dr. Hirano was making a theory for protecting personal information with public key cryptography, he invented a new marketing method. The marketing method has been developed to H-Market model.
Oct. 2014Climbed Mt. Tsukuba.
Feb. 17, 2015Founded by Dr. HIRANO Satoshi (AIST), AIKAWA Kazuki (Tsukuba Univ), and others.
Oct. 15, 2015Incorporated as a social start-up. Chair HIRANO Satoshi, R. Director AIKAWA Kazuki.
Jun. 2016Climbed Mt. Nasu. A day trip with Nasu Onsen hot spa.
Aug. 2017Climbed Mt. Senjo and Kaikoma in Southern Japan Alps. Aikawa Kazuki was moved by the large panorama under the fine weather and lost his voice. Stayed Komorebi cottage at Kitazawa-pass.
Jun. 2018Climbed Mt. Nikko-Shrine. Camped the day before.
Jul. 27, 2018The first Japanese patent was issued.
Sep. 2018Aiming to climb Mt. Hotaka in the Northern Alps, but we stopped at Karasawa cottage due to heavy rain. Spend two days playing cards. After weeping down the mountain, we visited Matsumoto Castle and the Yayoi Kusama exhibition under the fine weather. Azumino soba noodles was good.
Dec. 30, 2018Started alpha testing of Demandic.
Jul. 1st, 2019Started free open of Demandic for COVID-19, but it didn't get attention.
Sep. 2019Climbed Mt. Aizu-bandaisan. Invented demand shift! during climbing. Camped the day before. Visited Morohashi Museum of Modern Art, Goshikinuma, and Aizuwakamatsu Castle, and Ouchijuku. Kitakata ramen was good.
Feb. 28, 2020Part timer student O developed video session
Feb. 10, 2020Dr. Hirano created three YouTube videos, but no spread. Start Beginning to realize the nature of rankings.
Jun. 25, 2020The second Japanese patent was issued.
Aug. 2020Climbed Mt. Adatara. The trail running competition was being held in Corona, and it's a big nuisance.
May 2021Dr Hirano published Common value index Luncho.
Aug. 2021Renamed from Demandic to Requestland because they said the name Demandic sounds difficult.
Aug. 2021No mountain this year due to the Coronavirus.
Mar. 20, 2022Added Doumo.
Apr. 1st, 2022Dr. Hirano retired AIST and became CEO.
Jul. 19, 2022A US patent was issued.
Aug. 27, 2022Dr. Hirano made a new economic theory based on HMM, ranking, and the power law.
Sep. 17, 2022Climbed Mt. Nantai at Nikko. Camped the day before. Moved by good Gyoza at Utsunomiya (900 Yen for 12 gyoza and rice set). Legs stopped working at downing.
NowRequestland is in beta test.

Children are in good spirits by nature and laugh a lot.

--- Why I began Requestland. Past, now, and ask for help. ---
HIRANO Satoshi, Ph.D.

Time to recover from COVID-19

We started the free use a year and a half ago so that everyone could use it for safe shopping and sales while everyone was suffering from the Corona disaster, and so that people in need could earn money.

It's time to recover from COVID-19 and it's time for us to put an end to our free time and unpaid labor. For your powerful recovery, we will maintain the policy of allowing sellers to use the basic features for free and continue development with full power.

There are a lot of people who have died or are in trouble in Corona, so we really want you to use this safe service more often. Furthermore, we intend to expand it so that it may be utilized all over the world, and we will establish a financial foundation.

So, I'm writing to explain why I created Requestland, asking for your involvement and the assistance of many people. I have three reasons.

  • For children and parents
  • For those who have a hard time going to work
  • For brothers and sisters

Children are in good spirits by nature and laugh a lot.

Parents are concerned about their children's future and place a great deal of pressure on them to study. You know that's because the economic inequality is growing as a result of globalization and the rapid advancement of information technology (IT).

Too much of that has led to a variety of tragedies. Discord with children. School refusal. Or run away from home...

Girls who have run away from home, according to NHK, use social media to look for places to stay and are caused murders and irreversible damages.

Each year, over 460,000 children are disappeared in the United States, 100,000 in Germany, 96,000 in India, 113,000 in UK, etc.

There have been numerous reports of parents seriously abusing or killing their children. In today's increasingly competitive culture, I can't help but suspect that the parents of the cases were also under pressure at companies which they worked.

A society where children are unhappy is wrong, isn't it? Parents must be happy in order for their children to be happy.

When I was reading a parenting book, I was surprised with words, "Children are in good spirits by nature. They laugh a lot." or something like that. I thought that was true. I've never been so surprised with books because that means human nature is to be in good spirits and laugh a lot. (Why do we forget that during growing up and become difficult?)

I want parents to be happy first for the sake of their children. To that aim, I want to ensure that everyone has enough money and to ease the world's excessive competition. I want to populate the Land with income opportunities (requests) so that you or your children can obtain them whenever they need. That is the first reason why I started Requestland. And I have my own motivations for doing so.

Note: Concerning "resolve inequality", a rich person might think, "They must want to seize my property and distribute it to others. I will absolutely stop it."

No. Don't worry.

The problem with the inequality is that money doesn't reach those who need it and the flow of money is insufficient for a decent life for them. If this service goes well and money reaches those in need, their local economy will improve and they will be able to buy things they couldn't before, such as another pair of shoes (growth of demand). That will improve your company's performance and boost the value of your stocks. As the economy grows, the country will print more money. The overall amount of money will be increased. Everyone will be pleased with what we commonly refer to as "expanding the pie". For people who are very aggressive (Type A), including myself, it may be more essential that Requestland alleviates some of the competition and the fear about the future that drives them. That will also reduce their health problems.

Dream of drift alone

You don't want to go to work, often?

My job is IT research and development which is a highly competitive field. I have to generate the world's first or world's best.

I was 34 years old at the time. I worked so hard day and night and was able to produce some hits that were widely used in my field. However, I was overburdened and not feeling well. I eventually succumbed to serious depression and collapsed.

When I tried to go for work, my heart was locked up and I was unable to leave the house. Even though I dragged myself to my desk, my brain was too exhausted to work. In order to support my family, I needed keep producing results.

I wanted to be carried away and drift alone in a little boat in the Pacific Ocean. I just wanted to lay down and do nothing. But, of course, I had to go to work... I had to travel for giving lectures and finish my manuscripts...

After five years, I stopped taking all of medications (gradually). Instead, I got a dog named Happy and began walking every morning and evening. He was a Labrador who was really warm and friendly.

Happy led me on walking across the fields. I learned about the beauty of nature.

The gradient of the sky as the sun sets on the field was really beautiful. Venus shined in the sunset, and when I looked up, the moon shined in the blue sky. "I live on such a beautiful planet! I'm happy to be able to walk like this."

During walking with Happy, I was worried deeply. "Why am I unable to go to work? Am I too weak? What's the real problem?"

Dedicate my life

My difficulty had been going on for almost ten years. It should be the most wonderful period of my life. I needed a long time to find that the cause was pressure.

And I understood everyone has pain. A lot of people, like myself, go through their days under pressure and fear.

A surprise occurred one day. I was awarded for my research accomplishment. The award ceremony took place at the Kyoto International Conference Center, a very magnificent building. Ministers and award winners took their places on the stage and all of the award recipients gave speeches.

Later, an old scientist on my right was awarded the Nobel Prize for his creation of blue LEDs. I took my parents, who had not yet developed dementia, and my family to the ceremony. We took some pictures.

I had gradually recovered my health. Perhaps I was lucky.

On a lovely autumn day, while walking with Happy, I decided to dedicate my life to study that would make people happy. This is the second reason.

Peace and Passion

In 2013, I was well enough. When I was thinking about a new method of cryptography to safeguard personal information, I happened to design a new method named H-Market model.

I thought that they would make a lot of money with it commonly, but I started thinking about how to utilize it to tackle the problem of overly competitive society and the shortage of money. This age requires a bit new economic system for the issues, and that must be realized as a new IT, that is an app and a server (and not just an idea) that everyone can use. Since the disparity problem was produced by the progress of IT, only a new IT can fix it.

I didn't want to make the same mistake as before this time. I decided to prioritize health and go systematically. It is also important to train the next generation. At a nearby university, I met Aikawa-kun and established Peace and Passion.

Our mission is to enable everyone to have peace of mind and passion. I decided our name as it is. Passion also means suffering (sacrifice for agape, unconditional love for people) that implies a subsequent resurrection and prosperity.

We have rented a small room in a student apartment next to the university as our office where we weave our dreams. Another next is a small park, and there are many cheap and delicious restaurants for students around the campus. After lunch, we take a walk and chat about our future plans on the greenful campus. That's so revitalizing.

Our office is simple, and there are many excellent students around the university. While matching services and ads are expensive usually, we can keep our service prices low. Even when you can't pay for, you can rely on. That's what we need, isn't it?

We go mountain climbing in spring and summer. When we walk along the ridges of the Japanese Northern Alps on sunny days, we view mountains with white snow, under the deep blue sky where you can touch the space. Beautiful flower fields and the thrill of steep ridges are also fun and exciting.


In order to create a unique service and have many people use it, it is necessary to develop and distribute a system based on cutting edge technologies. I'm writing a large amount of code while learning inexperienced technologies one after another.

We are in a small room in a corner of the world. But we are connected to software developers all over the world, and occasionally we help and we are helped.

One day, my younger brother, who had kept me away, died. He did. He was a kind man who didn't like competition.

We have worked really hard to create a useful and engaging app. At last, a crystal of blood and sweat that has been made over the years has reached the popularization phase.

Since all we have been fell into the Corona crisis, we have started the emergent free open for safe remote shopping and sale.

The app is, although still under development, available in 190 countries and the website is written in three languages.

All are brothers and sisters.

We say it's like winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Athletes live a modest life, going to bed early and getting up early, and practice very hard. They believe their talent and effort, and just run. We are the same kind.

So, what is a gold medal for us?

It is enough that the world where everyone can live with peace of mind and passion arrives, and that children laugh.

Sometimes I dream about my brother. I always say, "Oh, you seem well". We spend time together and laugh.

If someone did anything kind for my brother...

I will continue to work for each and every one of you because all are my brothers and sisters.

Have a gold medal with us

Everyone can have a gold medal with any contribution. Requestland also needs your cooperation.

We found that we didn't have any means of distributing our service. We have no budget for public relations since we have provided it for free. Please help us to spread it.

You'll be guided to send invitation emails for friends after your first login. We will present you with optional functions as gratitude to your cooperation. Your purchase of Land domain names will go toward our budget for operation.

We hope you use Requestland to protect you and your family with its remote shopping/selling and to recover economically from the Corona crisis. Once we have enough number of users, you can buy by simply writing, "I want something like..." at both traditional shops and online shops. That will improve your local economy and many people's lives will be saved.

Any help is welcome. Thanks for reading.