When to find out what to buy or schedule a travel

Banban board is a super cool shared board which helps you to decide the best when you research what to choose.

When you are finding out what to buy on a Web browser, you often experience getting lost in many tabs, don't you?

Banban board helps you. Press Banban star button on Requestland to make a board.

Drag links of product web pages or images to Banban board to make cards. You can enjoy sorting the card to choose the best for you with friends or alone.

  • looks_one Place cards on the lowest row.
  • looks_two Move better cards to upper rows. On a row, better is lefter.
  • looks_3 Repeat.
You’ve decided! Your choice is the leftmost on the top row!

Give it a try

The points

Tap to play
Banban board

Decide neatly even with many candidates

Sort favorite cards into the upper ranks. No longer you get confused what’s better in many browser tabs.
Banban board

Drag-and-drop products from online shops

Copy URLs on a smartphone.
Banban board

Enjoy with your friends

Each user can move cards on a shared Banban board. Conversation continues with background video sessions.
Banban board

Vertical or horizontal, coordinate clothes

Try coordination different tops and bottoms. That’s fun!
Banban board

Compare and decide travel schedules

Make some patterns on a day to compare.
Banban board

Enjoy story writing

Story A or story B? Arrange cards to compare. Also good for titles, patent claims, strategic planning.
Banban board

Website bookmarking

You can bookmark links and images by drag-and-drop.

Patent pending

Image sources. Let us know if we need withdrawal.