Crowdfunding challenge!

Share board to discover hidden gems

  • Wanna choose home appliances online.
  • Wanna try coordinating with this shop and that shop.
  • Where shall I go on my next trip?
  • But ...

I get lost in browser tabs jungle.

Pay is not enough!

Pay is not enough!

Banban board
​​​A shared board, as a super bookmark, where you can automatically add products from various online shops as cards, rearrange them, compare, and select the best. Discover hidden gems on your own or with friends!
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The points of Banban board

Tap to play or enlarge. If movie won't play, repeat until play.
Product info is copied automatically from many sites
If not automatic, you can copy with some touches.
Banban board
Compare total prices of combinations
Copy cards to compare combinations. No Excel required anymore.
Banban board
Enjoy with your friends on video
Each user in a project can move cards on a board during video sessions of Requestland.
Enjoy coordinate clothes in vertical mode
Coordinate clothes, find rotation, and save much money. You can contribute to reduces waste.
Compare and decide travel schedules
Make some patterns on a day to compare in the simple travel mode.
Enjoy story writing
Story A or story B? Arrange cards to compare. Also good for titles, patent claims, strategic planning.
Can investigate low-rankers and raise everyone's salary
Buy from low-rankers if possible. Their sales and pay will increase. They will consume, and the economy will improve.
Use requests to buy by ask without research by yourself.

How to use

Press Banban star button on Requestland.

To add cards on Android, copy a link of a product page on a website, then just see the board. Make cards by copy URLs and tap the add_link button on iPhone. Drag & drop on desktops.

You can enjoy sorting the card to choose the best for you with friends or alone.

You can make lines and compare combinations of cards.

Press OPEN PAGE button on a card to open the product page so as to buy it.

Detailed usage

Usage for sellers

Give it a try

Your cooperation is needed for free use and no ad

When you press the OPEN PAGE button on a card to open the card's product page, a "explanation of stand-out option" will be displayed for a while.

Once the seller applies for the option, the product page will become to open immediately without the bothering explanation.

The option is a fee for Banban board to contribute to sales promotion for the seller and is 0.5% of the product price (in plan).

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Find hidden gems, and raise your pay!

Illustration of hidden gems

When we buy something, there are so many products and stores. We can’t search through them all. We end up buying from the top search results, recommendations, or top rankings.

Sellers who can pay for ads get high-ranking, and get more orders and become brands. They can sell in higher prices and become richer.

The majority of sellers (including your company!?), even if they develop good products, don't get noticed and become poorer.

But, don't worry! When you find interested products on the net, put them into a Banban board as you want. You can arrange cards and compare them.

You can find hidden gems that are both good and affordable regardless of the rankings.

Then, sales of sellers other than the top-rankers will increase, and money will circulate more widely.

Let's create an era that the local economy will be revitalized, and your pay will also increase (as well as the sales of the top-rankers)!

15 million pieces of donated or recycled clothing are exported to Ghana every week. Half goes to waste piles!

African people have got angry 💢 with the exported clothing. People in Asia and South America, too💢. Many countries had banned imports, but they are reluctantly accepting them due to Western sanctions.

If we use clothes long, we can contribute to reduce the waste significantly.

Use Banban board. When you buy clothes, it helps you to coordinate the clothes and plan rotation for long use.

You can make cards taking photos of your clothes to coordinate with them.

You can talk with friends about exchanging clothes on a board with the video.

Patent pending

Image sources. Let us know if we need withdrawal.

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