Everyone is worried. But YOU can stop.

No matter how much we try to resolve shortage of money around us and world conflicts, there is a problem with the underlying economic system that is not working well.

Requestland is a challenge to fundamentally improve the current economy by adding "a little" ingenuity to the market structure.

We are waiting for your participation.

If you would like to be listed on the sponsor list, please send us your logo and URL by e-mail to request-land(at)

United States(USD)

Name : Peace and Passion
Routing number : 084009519
Account number : 9600 0010 5744 5054
Type : Checking account


Name : ピースアンドパッション(カ
Number : PayPay bank(0033) Business Eigyoubu(005) 1045407
Type : Ordinary account

Other countries(USD)

Name : Peace and Passion
Account number : 8311213378