Participation of international students is welcomed.


Warranty and support by the sellers

The warranty and support of products are provided by sellers. Every trade has risks. Please check that the seller is trustworthy. Confirm their warranty and return policy on their public profiles very carefully before order.

In the event of a problem, please confer with one another and work out a solution. You can find the seller's phone number on the seller's public profile.

If you are cheated, report immediately to your local police with the seller's IP address (press IP address button of the message session). Also press the report improper use button of the message to inform us.

Best effort, no support

Contracts and sales are done between users, and Requestland is not involved. Requestland does not provide any support. Providing support in the world would impose a large cost that prevents free or cheap use. Please use it at your own risk. That does not, however, imply that the Land is lawless. We have a zero-tolerance policy for unauthorized use. We may monitor information that goes outside your organization. In the future, we will provide free community support, mutual checking, paid support, and discussion lists.


Although free quotas may be enough for small entities, larger entities may need payed options.

Requestland is in the testing and hypothetical stage. All descriptions are what we expect when with the enough number of users. There are many problems and limitations. Service suspension, data exposure or data loss may occur.

Your data and personal information are stored on cloud servers around the world for quick and safe access. It may not comply with your country's privacy protection or Internet security law. Use at your own risk.