Go forward! Job opportunities

We need a staff urgently who does jobs other than software development.

The users are the main actors on Requestland. Staff is creating an environment where users can steadily promote DIDY (Direct Income Distribution Yourself) to resolve the economic disparity problem. We will also support the users group.

As we are a startup, all development and non-development works are done by the two developers currently. As development has proceeded and we have started beta testing for wide range of users, we accept new participants for the activity.

It is a very important activity that many people are awaiting realization. Also it is a rare chance to join a (hopefully) rapidly growing, world scale, and Japan based social startup at the early stage.

We are waiting for your participation.


About our culture and Tsukuba

We work in an academic and crazy atmosphere. The focus is on creating value that solves the social issue. That is different from other companies.

We are a big family, and help each other both in work and life. When we get tired from work, we drive to an onsen (hot spring). In summer, I go mountain climbing in the Northern Japan Alps and play body-board in the Pacific ocean.

Tsukuba is a special city that has many research institutes and universities dedicating technology and science. Thanks to its culture and attractive shopping environment with lots of parks, Ranked at 8th place in Japan in terms of "livability ranking". In addition, the population is increasing as it has the high level of public schools and the well-developed educational environment.

Our Tsukuba University office is a room in a student apartment next to a student dormitory, next to a park. We have lunch in the university, it costs about 400 to 500 yen per meal, and we enjoy walking.

Working here itself is wonderful.


Clerk staff

Clerk work includes things except development, such as planning, public relations, human resources, finance, legal affairs, intellectual property, and so on. The most important jobs are publicity and promotion in the English-speaking world.

So, a clerk staff requires native English proficiency and paperwork in Japanese.

As the organization is small yet and growing gradually, the works are not so hard.

You will learn accounting, finance, fundraising, intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks, and utilize it in practice. Through learning and practice, you will acquire advanced business skills that will enable you to play a role in the world.

Also you will acquire the knowledge of design and HTML necessary for promotion, and you will be able to create web pages yourself. In addition, you will learn how to shoot and edit videos using DaVinci Resolve, which is used by Hollywood film companies, to create cool videos. You will promote on YouTube. This will continue until a designer can be hired.

Software Development Staff

For those who graduated computer science, who are currently enrolled in school, or who are planning to learn in computer science. Students should have a certain experience of programming.

You can do both software development and business. We use Typescripts (safer JavaScript) and Python, and are based on H-Framework, a framework that generates a fair amount of code from specifications (program make programs).

Development work is divided by function, so we can enjoy development both the client side and the server side for a certain function. Sometimes, we start thinking about new functions and promotions, including business models, from the planning stage. Documentation and evaluation by users are also done by the person in charge of the function.

There is a learning course using books, and you will acquire the basic knowledge of Tanenbaum's distributed system, Kernighan's programming, UML, architectural design, etc.

Research staff of Peace and Passion Research Institute (PAPRI)

For scientists who have a Ph.D., and students aspire Ph.D. They will serve as an administrative staff and software development staff, and devote part of time to research.

We will conduct R&D in the border area between computer science and economics, centering on the Hirano market model. Major research theme includes economic effects of Requestland, economic and information model that includes both the Hirano market model and external markets.

Common things

Open your third eye to grasp the essence of things.

Acquire the basics of information technology from Kernighan, strategy from Christensen and Rumelt, management from Drucker, and economics from Krugman. We also catch up world affairs through daily newspapers and NHK Catch World News.

English/Japanese bilinguals, students, side jobs are welcome. We work in Japanese and English. For those who need to improve their English skills, we recommend daily lessons at RareJob.

Our office time is from 8:30 to 18:30. There is a 10-minute VDT work break every hour, during which you can take a nap or exercise. On Saturdays and Sundays, we gather at Tsukuba University office to work. Days and hours are negotiable.

Because it's pre-revenue now, you will be a volunteer or a director like the rest of the staff. No salary and benefits yet. Transportation expenses will be provided to students (there is a upper limit). When we get revenue, you will be paid gradually and the welfare program will be arranged. We expect we can get better salary than national civil servants such as AIST and University of Tsukuba.

For students