Land domain names

User ID on Requestland is called Land ID and used for login, messages, video sessions, and many purposes. The Land ID is in the form of "land name // Land domain name" and each organization has a unique land domain name.

The acquisition of the land domain name is on a first-come, first-served basis in the world. It has nothing to do with the Internet domain name.

Examine fees yourself

You can choose a free one with a suffix consisting of a number and a country code such like "//wikiwiki-9423-us" or an optional paid one. The paid land domain name enables direct request from requests and the cards on Banban board, while free one is not (in plan).

The below is an example of //wikiwiki. Try yourself. A land domain name is 3 to 30 characters long and consists of alphabets (a-z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens (-).

Per month fees
Countrywikiwiki-us$ 2.01
Globalwikiwiki$ 9.77
Wildcardwikiwiki*$ 97.73

How the fees determined

The fees depends on the number of characters, the popularity of each word, and kind.

The number of characters does not include // and the country code (-us). The popularity of a word is based on the statistics of word frequency in Wikipedia. So, rare words such as wikiwiki and a long land domain name are relatively cheaper.

There are four kinds of the land domain name.


It's free. You can only make an entry for requests within your country. E.g. //wikiwiki-2023-us


A country code suffixes. You can only make an entry for requests within your country. E.g. //wikiwiki-us


No country code. You can make an entry for requests all around the world. E.g. //wikiwiki


An option to monopolize "specific string + arbitrary string" so that others cannot get them after that. If you specify //wikiwiki, others cannot get variants such as //wikiwiki-motors and //wikiwiki-cars. Wildcard includes a fee for the specific part but not for its variants. You can make an entry for requests all around the world.

An organization can have multiple land domain names. For example, Wikiwiki car company would want to have //wikiwiki, //wikiwiki-com, //wikiwiki-motor, //wikiwiki-motors, etc. to prevent third parties from getting confusing land domain names. Take multiple land domain names or take wildcard in that case.

Prevent troubles

  • You can get the right to use a land domain name by paying a monthly fee in the month. It is not a purchase. If you stop the option of a land domain name, others can get it.
  • It is forbidden to sell or buy land domain names.
  • Somebody's registered trademark or similar name cannot be used for the categories of registered classes in the country where it is registered.
  • If we determine that your use of a land domain name is inappropriate, we may revoke your use without notice or explanation. Even in that case, the fee will not be refunded.

The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy will apply to abuse claims in the same way. However, Peace and Passion will be the organization in charge of resolving disputes.

The Complainant shall submit a set of documents that proves all three of the following.

  • The disputed land domain name is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark owned by the Complainant.
  • The registrant has no legal right or justification to register the land domain name.
  • The registrant's land domain name has been registered and is being used fraudulently in the category and the country that the Complainant has the trademark.