Limitations and known issues

Requestland is currently in the testing stage. There are many limitations and bugs. We show the big ones below. We welcome your opinion or bug report.

Since our server is small, it will become slower for many users. Your sponsorship is strongly welcome.

  • It freezes sometimes. Please reload it.
  • Until the number of participants increases, it is likely that you will not be able to purchase even if you write a request. Please cooperate in inviting new users and spreading the request on social media.
  • You are logged out while my computer is sleeping. Please log in again.
  • Loading Requestland app takes time. You are recommended to install it.
  • Opening Requestland app in multiple tabs of the browser at the same time causes errors and unexpected behavior.
  • Displaying a lot of requests on the ​​land map slows down the display. The same applies to other maps such as profiles. When you feel scrolling the map is slow, tap the + button on the map to reduce the number of items.
  • The message displayed when a responder fails to be selected with an entry is incorrect.
  • Currently, the close time and break time of the ​​Requestland are not available.
  • You can add users to your organization only by invitation. Administrators cannot unilaterally add users.
  • Organization user accounts can only be deleted by administrators. The organization user cannot delete the account himself/herself.
  • Mutual checking of requests is not available yet.
  • When you select an item on a list, a text on the item could be selected. To select the item, touch the blank space around the text on the item.
  • If you choose one ore more address areas on a receiver, the same address areas are shown again on a new receiver for convenience. When you press the remove button on an address area or choose a larger address area, its shape remains. That is a harmless bug. Shapes remains but not effective. Or, press remove all button next to "SHOW ALL ON THE MAP" button to erase all and add address areas.
  • User's data is located at one or more Google's data centers in USA.
  • In rare cases, the card may disappear on the Banban board.
  • Expired requests will remain visible after more than 3 months.
  • The unread mark may not be displayed correctly. Also, the unread mark disappears in a week.
  • Notification emails for new messages will be sent to everyone in the organization.
  • You cannot stop the delivery of notification emails.
  • A video session can be attended by up to 3 people at the same time. Feature for more participants is under development and will be available.
  • When you press the "Join and ring" button in a video session, everyone in your organization will receive a notification email and chime sound.
  • The online shop function, which you can purchase from the product list, is under development. It's about 70% done.
  • Video session with people without Requestland account has been suspended.
  • When you send a message in a message session, a message in your input field may not disappear.
  • When you enter an emoji by a picker, it will be the default size.
  • You cannot resize emoji on iOS.
  • The notification banner feature is available on Chrome for Windows, Chrome for MacOS, Chrome for Android, and Edge for Windows.
  • Notification badges may not disappear on Android. It may disappear when you tap the notification banner.
  • Creating multiple public profiles is under preparation.