The goals and policies

Project goals

All users and staff work together to realize the goals.

  1. Increase everyone's pay, resolve the serious disparity, and mitigate excessive competition to recover peace of mind.
  2. Build a decent economic system that everyone can work with passion and enough income for somebody's smile.
  3. Create a virtuous cycle of the local economy and pass a better world to our children and grandchildren.

Policy of realization

Most people's income is determined by the company's salary. The salary is determined by the company's sales and policy of labor cost distribution.

If a purchaser biases sellers they buy from, disparities in sales and salaries will arise among the sellers. So the purchaser can reduce the disparity. Also, if the management who benefited from the system distributes salaries sufficiently to employees, the problems of disparity will be reduced much more.

  1. Do DIDY, Direct Income Distribution Yourself

    As long as fulfill the purpose of purchase, each purchaser distributes income opportunities to sellers, as wide as possible.

    The more people do DIDY, the more the disparity is reduced and the middle income class increases. In many countries economy will grow and everyone's and your income will increase.

    DIDY is effective in a wider range than government's income redistribution, and it is convincing because that is done yourself.

  2. Buy things that fit purposes without rankings.

    As orders are concentrated in the top sellers of a ranking, the lower sellers fall into poverty.

    We don't always need to buy from the tops of rankings. It's OK if it fits the purpose of purchases.

  3. Ask stores in the region first

    Buy as close as possible using the Land map for the local economy. Reduce CO2 emissions caused by random shuffle deliveries.

  4. Increase employees' salary

    The owners and investors of companies that have benefited from Requestland are responsible for increasing the income of their employees. Because the employees are consumers, that enlarges the purchasing power of consumers, and their income will increase.

    Buyers should buy from companies which employees are happy with their salaries.

  5. By "buy by ask, sell by ask" with requests, prevent AI from robbing jobs

    To prevent AI from robbing human jobs, the only way we can go is to increase jobs that only humans can do.

    By "buy by ask, sell by ask", make sellers' jobs, and we save time and money.

  6. Create jobs with Request shift! and move the population from the city to the country side

    Request shift is an idea that people in the city place their requests on the surrounding area to distribute income opportunities. People in the surrounding area place requests to further remote areas. By moving the income opportunities from the city to the country area, we can create jobs and people can live there happily.

  7. Fill the Land with requests to relieve excessive competition and anxiety

    If you can always find a request on Requestland, you don't have to worry about losing your job or your income.

    The requests are for organizational sellers, not for individuals. Sole proprietors (gig workers) who undertake one-off jobs will be prohibited from starting sole proprietorships on Requestland, as their income will decrease and their lives will become unstable if their health deteriorates. Recruit friends on the Land and do business with multiple people. Alternatively, use Requestland if you have a proven, existing sole proprietorship, preferably your family have a stable income.

Code of conduct and advice

  • Please respect others and use polite words.
  • There are many things in life really. Let's be kind and help each other.
  • On Requestland, buyers and sellers are equal.
  • Fair use please. All discrimination such as race, gender, age, handicap, nationality, origin, rich and poor, religion, political beliefs is not allowed.


  • Remember that consultation costs.
  • Once they say, "the final price", don't ask for further discounts.
  • A rainy day is a good day for consultation. They have few customers.
  • You are the last person who makes decision. Be responsible for your choice.
  • To err is human. Be tolerant.

Sellers's golden rule of work

  • Sell only what you want to sell to your family. Follow your conscience over sales.
  • Your value is to solve the customer's problems. Occasionally you might need to recommend other companies' products. Profit and happiness will follow you.
  • Don't take too many requests. Balance competition and fairness.

Bonus: Pax Demandica

The biggest cause of inequality and poverty is war.

People come to support war and terrorism because of financial unrest and competition.

If we follow the above policies in our daily transactions, even a little, we'll realize that we don't have to worry about money. Then, we won't have to have wars or militaries, and we will be more prosperous than any time in history.