The goals and policies

Project goals

All users and staff work together to realize the goals.

  1. Increase everyone's pay, resolve the serious disparity, and mitigate excessive competition to recover peace of mind.
  2. Build a decent economic system that everyone can work with passion and enough income for somebody's smile.
  3. Create a virtuous cycle of the local economy and pass a better world to our children and grandchildren.

Policy of realization

If a purchaser biases sellers they buy from, disparities in sales and salaries will arise among the sellers. So the purchaser can reduce the disparity. Also, if the management who benefited from the system distributes their salaries sufficiently to employees, the problem of disparity will disappear. (Basic concept of H Economy)

  1. Realize purchase that fits purposes without rankings.

    As orders are concentrated in the top sellers of a ranking, the lower sellers are falling into poverty. Inequality hurts economic growth.

    It's OK if it fits the purpose of purchases and we don't need to buy from tops of rankings.

  2. Do DIDY, Direct Income Distribution Yourself

    Using Requestland each participant directly distributes income opportunities (requests) to sellers (companies, individual businesses) that fulfill the requests as wide as possible.

    The more people do DIDY, the more the disparity is reduced and the economy will grow more in many countries. Everyone's income and your income will increase.

    Since the income redistribution has overhead and feels somewhat unconvincing because our tax are collected and the administration decides how to use it.

    DIDY, something that has been done for a long time, can be done by each individual at their own will and within the extent possible. It can be a little more expensive than the lowest price, but much more efficient and feels better than the tax. Also, if stores go out of business and the remaining winners raise their prices strategically, it's pretty expensive for us. DIDY prevents that.

  3. Prevent AI from robbing jobs

    By "buy by ask" with requests, we can save time and cost, and pass it the seller as added value. To prevent AI from robbing human jobs, the only way we can go is to increase jobs that only humans can do and they can earn enough.

  4. Buy near to revitalize the region and reduce CO2

    Buy as close as possible using the land map for the local economy. Reduce CO2 emissions caused by random shuffled deliveries.

  5. Create jobs in the country and move the population from the city with Request shift!

    Request shift! is an idea that people in the city place requests to the surrounding area to exude the income opportunities. People in the surrounding area place requests to further remote areas. By placing requests from the city to the country area by area, we can create jobs in the country side and move people.

  6. Fill the Land with requests to relieve excessive competition and anxiety

    Fill Requestland with requests. Whenever you come to Requestland, you will have a job (request) and you will not have to worry about losing your job or income. This alleviates excessive competition.

  7. Increase employees' salary

    The owners and investors of companies that have benefited from Requestland are responsible for increasing the income of their employees.

    By doing so, the income of all people will be increased and the problems of economic disparity will be mitigated. That enlarges the purchasing power of consumers, the economy grows, and you can wake up feeling good every morning. Don't expect too much that your income will increase, though it will.

    Buyers should buy from companies which employees are happy with their salaries.

Code of conduct and advice

  • Please respect others and use polite words.
  • There are many things in life really. Let's be kind and help each other.
  • On Requestland, buyers and sellers are equal.
  • Fair use please. All discrimination such as race, gender, age, handicap, nationality, origin, rich and poor, religion, political beliefs is not allowed.


  • On Requestland, sellers work for your smile, that is, for solving your problems written on your requests. Please use polite words. Even if you do not buy, say thanks on a message and don't be silent.
  • Consultation costs for the shop. Remember that it is included in the price after all.
  • If they say, "the final price", don't ask for further discounts.
  • If you're not in a hurry, it's better to write a request on a rainy day when the shop is less crowded.
  • You are the last person who makes decision. You are responsible for your choice.
  • If many people continue to buy from some particular sellers on the ranking, they will loose other sellers. It is a common fact in the world that local stores are steadily collapsing, jobs are running out, and many people are losing enough incomes.
    Winner sellers can raise prices, so consumers lose a lot of money in the end. It is very important to disperse the stores you buy and maintain a reasonable competition. Since you just need to fulfill the purpose of the requests, you don't always have to stick to the top of the rankings.
  • Don't do selfish actions such as unilateral complaints and cancellations. However, everyone tends to think that they are right. In order to prevent trouble, it is recommended to write summaries often in the message session and approve them by both parties.
  • Everyone make mistakes, everyone forgives sometimes. When you want a seller to fulfill your promise, do you want the poor seller to do all? Can you give up somewhat, if needed?

Increase each person's income and improve the whole economy by distributing your requests (income opportunities) to sellers using Request Shift! as much as possible.


Golden rule of work
  • The requests describe the customers' problems to be solved. On the Land, the most important value is to solve the customer's problems. If you continue to make effort to solve the customers' problems, profit and happiness will follow you.
  • Buyers make purchases with the intention of distributing income opportunities and increasing the income of all. Managers and investors should separate the benefits from their employees rather than owning them. The economy grows as each person's income increases. It is also necessary to increase your income.
  • If someone takes too many requests, it can lead to exhaustion that other sellers cannot take. There is an entry fee mechanism to prevent depletion, but it cannot be completely prevented. The buyer does not want you to win alone. Share opportunities between sellers without taking too many requests. Balance competition and fairness.

Increase each person's income and improve the whole economy by sharing requests (income opportunities). Thus, don't take too many requests.

Here, the most important value is contribution to customers and society. If you understand that, profits and happiness will follow you.

Business owners and investors shouldn't take the increased profit, let workers have it. That's important to grow the economy and your income.

Don't be too aggressive. Maintain a balance between competition and fairness.

Most buyers are seeking products that meet their request and are reasonably priced. Don't sell things that are unnecessarily expensive.

Don't pressure the requester to make a purchase. Be honest.

Bonus: Pax Demandica

The biggest cause of inequality and poverty is war. People come to support war and terrorism because of financial unrest and competition.

If we follow the above policies in our daily transactions, even a little, we'll realize that we don't have to worry about money. Then, we won't have to have wars or militaries, and we will be more prosperous than any time in history.

Why do we need to take action now?

Get married, raise children and get educated. Live with peace of mind.

That's everybody's dream and hope, but the root of strong anxiety and pressure. Our money is too short to do so, that drives us to competition or desperation.

On a marketplace that you can buy because it sells cheaply, we found that it is a miserable place where businesses compete in red blood with lowering the cost of workers, and a place where the winer takes all by bankrupting stores around you.

When we buy anything other than food and daily items, we always search first for shops and products.

Online shops and search engines show search results (sellers or products) by predefiend order such as prices and ratings. It is inevitable for performance that a list of products is always a ranking. Upper sellers and products on the ranking gathers many orders, while others have to rely on rare chanses of visits. For instance, on Google search the seventh on search result has less than 2% of clicks.

A market you really want to use is where you can buy because you will become richer, isn't it?

It should be a system which anyone who works diligently can earn enough and can buy things they need. It's an economic system where your anxiety disappears and you can be glad to work for others' smiles and your dreams.

Capitalism has good points such as freedom, effectiveness, and the animal spilit. On Requestland, we have two prinsipal policies based on it, 1) we will realize requests with mitigating over-competition, and 2) we will become richer with a simple way that is to controll our purchasing to buy what we need.

Controlliong our purchasing is what everyone does daily. For good understanding, we named "Direct Income Distribution Yourself (DIDY, say didi, not daidy which means diaper)".

My mother who is 88 years old and lives alone under three meters snow in Niigata (with denying my calling for living together) goes to two nearby drug stores. The bigger one is nearer, but she buys from both. So, both get income. If she buys from only one, the other will loose the job and the winner can raise prices strategically.

As it means just buying from different stores sometimes, it is effective at much lower cost than governmental income redistribution and it does not impose a burden on the next generation like fiscal mobilization by national debt. (Both income redistribution and fiscal mobilization are needed, though public is dissatisfied.)

This is a secret story that I, Dr. Hirano who is the main developer, lost my thirty's with a sick in the fierce competition of technology development. I lost my kind-hearted brother who failed to keep up with the such competitive society.

So, thinking all of you are my brothers and sisters, I decided to devote my life to developing this technology for the smiles of each and every one of you.

If you like this document, let's work togheter for the goals.

Since it's a hypothesis that needs verification, there are many issues. Perfect fairness is also impossible. We know. But, rather than spending time to criticise or discuss details, let's gather and try anyway.

Technical view of the inequality problem and our innovation ▶︎