For sellers: Usage of Banban board

To increase sales chances, fill a card with images, a price ,and a description automatically.

On many online shopping sites, cards are filled automatically. In most cases, you don't need to do anything

Requestland reads open data on each website. If data on a card don't be filled, show below to a tech person.

If you include “structured data” on your product page on your website, cards on Banban boards will automatically be filled with images, a price, and a description.

  • Read this page for how to include structured data
  • Requestland supports Microdata and JSON-LD. Microdata has priority over JSON-LD.
  • Microdata is recommended. A description written in HTML is used as a description for a card.
  • Use Product and Offer of
  • Input a name, image, and description of the Product type. Input price and priceCurrency of the Offer type.
  • You can use classes of Materializecss
Example: Microdata
<div itemtype="">
  <meta itemprop="image" content="[\"\", \"\"]"/>
  <div itemprop="description">Description(HTML)</div>
  <div itemprop="offers" itemtype="">
    <div itemprop="offers" itemtype="">
    <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="USD"/>
    <meta itemprop="price" content="44.99"/>

Attention: JavaScript doesn't be executed.

Provide an API to fill cards. (In preparation)

If your website is a progressive web app (PWA) or any other page that generates structured data on the client, please provide an API.

Register API key, endpoint, and regex for getting an item ID from a URL to Requestland from the options page.


APIKey: 'apiKey123'
endpoint: '${item_id}'
regexForItemID: '*?)'
Auth: basic authentication or bearer token
API response: Send structured data as Microdata or JSON-LD

When submitting Microdata, send a string of HTML. The top elements must be one or more divs and each div includes itemscope and itemtype.


'<div itemscope itemtype=""><div itemprop="title">title</div></div><div itemscope itemtype=""> <div itemprop="price">34.99</div><meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="USD"></div></div> <div itemscope itemtype=""><meta itemprop="name" content="Netshop name"/></div>'

When sending JSON-LD, send an array or an array of arrays.


[{"@context": "", "@type": "WebSite", "name": "Example store", ...}]
[[{"@context": "", "@type": "Product","sku": "112639037","image": "", "name": "Your product name","description": "Your product description..."}...], [...]]