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User menu

User settings

  • get_app Install Requestland app on the home screen

    Requestland icon with badge

    Once you add an app icon to your home screen, you can easily start Requestland app from the home screen. Another benefit is that you can see notification banners and the badge on the Requestland icon.

    While you will see notifications even if the app is not up on Android and iOS, you need to keep the app up and logged-in to receive the notification on Chrome on Mac and Windows.

    Install button on Chrome

    To add the Requestland icon to the home screen, during you open Requestland app on a browser, do one of the following. You may need to allow Requestland to show notification on your browser and allow your browser to show the notification on the system settings.

    • Chrome: Tap "Add to Home Screen" from the right menu button of the address bar. Or, tap OK if "Add Requestland to home screen" is displayed.
    • Safari: Tap "Add to Home Screen" on the share menu.
    • Chrome: Use Safari because Chrome on iOS does not support "Add to Home Screen".
    • Edge: Click Install button on the navigation bar.
    • Chrome: Click Install button on the address bar.
    • Safari: Use Chrome because Safari on Mac does not support "Add to Home Screen".
    • Chrome: Click Install button on the address bar.

    If a project has a notification mark (bell mark) on the project list, you can receive notification emails on activities such as new messages in the project. Unread marks are also displayed. To change, press Edit button on the project list, and press the notification mark to enable or disable it.

    If you add Requestland to the home screen as an app icon as described above, you will receive notifications banners and badges as well.

  • person User registration

    There are two kinds of users on Requestland.

    • Individual user

      To register as an individual user, press "register as an individual user" button on Requestland app when you are not logged in. The button does not appear if you have logged in to any user account.

    • Organization users who are members of an organization such as family and company

      To register as an organization user of an organazation, ask an administrator of the organization to make your user account. Receive a temporary password and a new Land ID from the administrator, then login with the password and set up your account.

      To create an organization, refer to Create an organization and manage it.

  • list Lists

    On Requestland a page consists of a list of items and a view of each item typically. You can manipulate them using common techniques. This is a list.

    Screenshot of a list
    • Press the title of the list ("NOTE" in the above image) to reload the list. It is much quicker than the browser's reload button.
    • If the list has the search button search, you can search the list. Full text search is available in some lists.
    • Press the fullscreen buttonfullscreen for full screen. Press again to return.
    • Below the title of the list, you will see two numbers like "8 30". The first number shows the number of items loaded on the list. If the number has the + mark like 30+, there are more items on the server. Scrolling down to the bottom of the list or tapping the number downloads more items. The latter number is the number of items to be read at once. You can change it by pressing it.

    To delete items, press the EDIT button to enter the edit mode.

    Screenshot of editing a list

    Then press items to select. Press again to unselect. Slide your finger or mouse to select multiple items. Then press the trash button delete to delete. They will never come back. To finish the edit mode, press DONE.

    Press the select all buttoncheck_box_outline_blank to select all items. Press check button to unselect all. To delete all items in a list, firstly set the number of items to be read at max, secondly select all items, then delete the selected all items, repeat.

    By pressing playlist_add button, you will enter a modeplaylist_add that you can select contiguous items at once. Press the first item and the last item to select. You can use shift key to do so as well.

    Screenshot of selecting items
    Screenshot of selecting items
  • view_list Views

    In a list, select an item to show its content in a view. This is a view.

    Screenshot of a view
    • Press the title of the view (NOTE on the above view) to reload it.
    • Press the blank to the right of the title to show only sub titles and hide contents. It is a quick way to move to the top of the page or jump to a specific item. Press again to show all. If you press a subtitle, that hides its content.
    • Press fullscreen buttonfullscreen for full screen. Press again to return.

    Press the EDIT button to edit the content. The SEND button sends it to the server.

    Screenshot of a view in edit mode
    • Sometimes the item has been edited and saved by somebody else. In that case an error is shown in order to avert overwriting. Copy what you wrote to somewhere, press the CANCEL button, then edit it again.
  • manage_accounts User settings
    Image of user settings menu User settings menu

    For user settings menu, press the user menu button at the upper right corner of the screen, then choose user settings.

    In User's basic information page you can confirm and change information such as name and address.

    Press the Edit button to edit. Any information except country and region is not public. Type correct information including name and birthday that match your identity card and credit cards. Some items such as birthday cannot be changed. If you change some of the basic information such as your name, you will need to be verified your identity information.

    While the information is not public, some of the items are visible in your organization. Organization administrators can view and change many items other than your password and email phrase.

    When you make a purchase, your contact will be disclosed to the responder (seller).

    Refer to the following items for your language and currency settings.

    HINT: You can register a backup email address that receives the same verification code on user's basic information page. You are recommended to do so.
    Opening User menu reloads user settings, organization settings, and group settings. If you open the User menu during editing one of them, change will be canceled.
  • attach_money Select a language for screen display

    Requestland has two language settings: the language used for screen display (English/Japanese) and the language used for requests and Banban boards (more than 30 types). This section describes the language displayed on the screen. For language settings in Requests and Banban Boards, see next section below.

    At the bottom of the user menu, you'll see the language you're currently using for the screen display. Tap this to change the language for screen display.

    You can also change it in the "Display language" on the user's basic information page.

  • attach_money Manage languages and currencies you use in requests, Banban board, and notes.

    You can use more than 170 currencies and more than 30 languages in requests, Banban board, and notes, while display languages are only two.

    To avoid to choose from such many choices, you need to choose your favorite ones in "Languages you use in requests and Banban boards" and "Currencies you use in requests and Banban boards" on the "User's basic information" page in advance. If your preferred language isn't listed, choose "Others".

    When you create a request or a receiver, you can choose one from the selected ones.

    If you don't have a language you just added in the language selector on a page, visit another page, return to the the page, then choose the language.
  • person User's public profile

    Confirm user's public profile. Your public profile is visible to anyone. For your safety, be careful not to disclose anything you don't need to.

    The logo image will be displayed to your peer during message sessions.

    You are recommended to use your facial photo for your logo image. Trust is the most important thing, but logos such as animals and illustrations don't earn trust. Don't use someone's facial photo.

    If you are a seller and you think your facial photo is not good at sales, you can remove your logo on user's public profile so that the organization's logo will be used.

    You can write your nickname, name or stage name in the nickname field. But don't write someone's name because that is strongly prohibited. Your country, region, and purchase history including the number of past requests and purchases can be shown.

    User's public profile for an organization user accounts allow you to write a lot. That is for jobs like lawyers and consultants. Also, if you set it to searchable and specify "Location and business area", it will appear in the search results on the "Search for shops and organizations" page (in plan).

    In closed message sessions, you can view peer's name, Land ID and IP address for safe trade. You show the same to your peer. (You can know peer's IP address on an email as well.)

  • compare_arrows Switch user accounts

    "My user accounts" list on the user menu shows your linked user accounts. When you have a message in another user account, you will see an unread badge. On a desktop PC you will see the list of the Land IDs at lower right corner of the screen.

    By pressing one, you can switch to the user account.

    You will need to input a password at the first time, and can switch accounts without password for three month from the last login.

    Do the following on the destination user account in advance.

    Individual users

    Turn on "Passwordless user switch" on the User's basic information page. The default is on. Turn off if you enter the password every time.

    Organization users

    Turn on "Allow passwordless user switch" on the Basic information page of the Organization settings menu. Only administrator users can do that. The default is off.

    And, turn on "Passwordless user switch" on the User's basic information page. The default is off for admins and on for others.


    With the setting, a browser keeps a "user switch key" that is valid for 400 days from the last login. Unless the key is stolen, no one can login from another browser. However, the use must be determined by the user at their own risk. It is recommended requiring users to use bio-metric authentication, such as facial recognition or fingerprint recognition, to log in to their devices.

    If a user turns the "Passwordless user switch" from on to off and save, the system revokes the keys for the user's all devices and browsers once. The next user switching requires a password.

    If an org admin turns the "Allow passwordless user switch" from on to off and save, the system revokes all users' keys once. The next user switching requires a password.

  • compare_arrows Add a user account to "My user accounts" list

    When you create a new user account and login at the first time, the user account is automatically linked with your existing user accounts and you will see them on "My user accounts" list in many cases.

    If the automatic link does not occur, you can add by yourself.

    To add a user account to your "My user accounts" list, press small "+" button next to "My user accounts" on the user menu.

    Enter the Land ID of the account and its password, then press Send. The account and its linked accounts will be shown on your "My user accounts" list.

    To create a new user account, register a new organization or ask an administrator of an organization to create a user for you.

    If you delete a user account, it will disappear from the list.

  • people_alt Share. Invite friends to Requestland
    Screenshot of invitation

    To invite friends to Requestland, press "Share and invite friends" on the user menu.

    Choose a page to share, then press a mail or social media icon. Currently mail and the following social medias are available.

    • Mail
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Messenger
    • LINE
    • LinedIn
    • Telegram
    • Twitter

    Instagram, WeChat, and YouTube don't provide share button functionality. To share on them, just open one and share.

    In addition, when you are an administrator of an organization, you can also add users from "Share, invite, add users" on the user menu.

  • delete Withdraw and delete individual user

    User menu → User settings → Withdraw and delete user

    If you delete a user, you will not be able to login and access your data. The Land name will be deleted immediately.

    Because messages, comments, and quotes you sent were copied to your peer, they can continue to read them. Your obligations to payment and provision of products will not disappear.

    Subscriptions of paid options will be canceled. You won't be refunded for the billing period during which you cancel.

    Withdrawal from Requestland will be done when you delete the individual user and all organizational users you are having. Organization accounts can be deleted only by administration users.

    User accounts and organizations that have not been logged in for more than a year may be deleted without notice.

  • check_circle_outline Login history and change password
    Login history

    Press history login history on the user menu to see the RECENT LOGINS page. Login history is kept for three months.

    Each line in the login history has one of the following labels. If there is Login from somewhere you don't know, many Fails, or Lockout, you need to change your password. Check sometimes.

    LoginSuccessful login
    Switch"Passwordless user switch"
    FailPassword mismatch
    LockoutTemporal login lockout occurred due to repetitive password mismatch
    PW changeThe user changed the password.
    PW change by adminUser's password was changed by an admin who has the shown Land ID.

    To change your password, press the link on the Recent login or press Change password on the user settings.

    By changing the password, re-login will be required on your devices. So, when you lost a device, change your password.

  • check_circle_outline Reset your password when you forget it

    Press the login button and press "Forgot password" to enter the password reset screen.

    Enter one of your Land IDs and press "Send verification code via email" to send a verification code to the registered email. If you do not receive the email, check that your Land ID is correct and look for your junk email folder. The verification code is valid for 4 hours, and if you make a mistake repeatedly, you will not be able to reset it for 20 minutes.

    After entering the verification code, enter the new password and record it. Press "Send".

    By changing the password, re-login will be required on your devices.

    Log in with your new password. The password automatically displayed by the browser is obsolete, so enter the new password.

    HINT: You can register a backup email address that receives the same verification code on user's basic information page. You are recommended to do so.

    An organization admin can reset users' password from Users page of the organization menu. If the admin reset a user's password, a temporary password will be sent to the user via email. The user logs in with the temporary password, the user will be prompted to enter a new password.

  • check_circle_outline You forget your password and you can't read the registered email

    You are recommended to register a backup email address that receives the verification code on user's basic information page.

    In the case of individual user, if you can't read the both email, there is no means to recover login.

    In the case of organization users, an organization admin can change a user's basic user information and reset the user's password from Users page of the organization menu. Note that the fact of the change of the email address will be sent to the new and old email addresses.

  • folder_shared Choose, create, or delete projects

    Projects is a way to put contents such as requests and Banban boards together for specific purposes and people. "Project for a new house", "Project for Mary and John", "Osaka branch", and "2023" are typical usages of the projects.

    Contents such as Banban boards of a project are not listed in other projects. Also, because notifications are per project, you can setup so that notifications for Mary and John will not go to other people. However, anyone can read and write in any project.

    In easy mode you cannot create a new project. Use "Request, doumo project 1" for requests, Banban boards, and doumos. Use "Respond to request project 1" for giving away and sales.

    In expert mode you can create new projects for your purposes. On a personal computer you can view the project list always to swith projects quickly.

    Only organizations that registered sales can sell.

    To view the project list, press the current project name shown at the top of the screen. Choose a project on the project list to move on to the project.

    In the project, you can move to the "Project menu" page as above by tapping the upper left menu button ("Sell cars" in the picture) in a project.

    When you have the Requestland icon next to the menu button, pressing it brings you back to the project.

    To change the name or properties of a project such as notification, press Edit, then choose the project.

    To delete a project, open project settings from the project menu, press delete project. Then press "Delete project" button.

  • notifications Notifications, email, ringtones

    You can edit settings for banner notifications, banner notifications for your user accounts, and email on the "User's basic information" on the "User menu".

    If you set "Receive notifications for this project", you will be notified by email or push. To change the notification settings, change "Receive notifications for this project" on the project setting.

    The app screen will not be automatically updated in projects with notifications turned off. If necessary, press the list view title to reload.

    Push notification (banner notification) compatible devices are as follows. In many cases, the browser will display "Do you want to allow notifications?", so press Allow. If you want to change the rejected setting, see the setting method link below.

    You may need to restart Requestland after changing the browser settings.

    On iOS-Safari, you need to Add to Home Screen (Install web app).

    Attention: iOS16.4 or higher is required. iOS does not play sounds when you receive a banner notification.

  • notifications Ringtone

    While the "ringtone button" volume_up is displayed in the upper left corner of the app, the ringtone will sound with a call for video session or a new message received.

    If the "Ringtone Button" with a slash volume_off is displayed, the ringtone will not sound.

    Tap the "Ringtone button" to toggle enable/disable.

    On a mobile device, the ringtone will not sound if you switch tabs or close the app. On desktop, the ringtone will not ring if the application is closed. The ringtone will not ring while the device is in sleep mode.

    Attention : The ringtone will sound even if the device is muted or in manner or silent mode. On mobile devices, the ringtone is disabled each time the application is launched.

  • mark_email_unread Unreads

    Unread marks disappear when you check the contents. Even if you do not check the contents, it will disappear after one week or more. Requestland doesn't show unreads on projects with notifications turned off.

    If you are logged into one of your accounts, you will receive unreads and notifications for all accounts. A badge will appear at the top right corner of the screen on mobile, and at the bottom right of the screen on tablets and desktops.

    In a list of messages and videos, tapping an unread badge will remove the unread badges from all messages.

    The number of unread badges displayed on the app icon is only updated while the app is active.

  • event_note Notes

    On a note you can write title, summary, content, category, and version. If you specify a summary image, it is displayed on the note.

    Only the title is required to save. The title and summary are also shown on the note list. The category and the version are user definable.

    To publish as a blog post, turn on Visibility and search settings to "Visible and searchable". But the feature is not used currently and all notes are invisible to the public.

  • drive_folder_upload Shared files

    The users of an organization can share files such as images, videos, and PDFs in the Shared files.

    For example, photos used in a doumo is stored in the Shared files, and they can use them in other purposes such as notes.

    The amount of the Shared files is accumulated per organization, and can be checked on "Options and quotas" on the Organization settings. Once the usage exceeds the free tier, you will not be able to add more. In that case, please purchase the optional file storage.

    The list of Shared files is displayed on a project-by-project basis. If you want to display files in other projects in the list, press the search button search in the file list and select "All items in your organization".

    You can crop and adjust brightness when you upload an image file. The original file is not saved. Files cannot be edited once uploaded.

    The maximum size of a file is 1GB.

  • admin_panel_settings Easy mode and expert mode

    In the expert mode you can create new projects, but not in the easy mode.

    On a PC in the expert mode, the project list and the project menu can be always displayed and you can switch projects by a touch. In the easy mode, you need to move to the project list page once to go to another project. Switching menu is also need to transit a menu page.

    In the expert mode, side menus are displayed, while menu pages is used in the easy mode.

    In the expert mode, you can request new, used, services, etc. in a request, while you can request only one kind in the easy mode.

  • free_breakfast Short break, open and close time

    ​​Requestland is a place for people to interact each other. It is necessary to match the activities with other persons. So, there is a seven-minute break every hour and a nighttime closure, as health could be compromised if you don't take a proper break.

    For health and well-being, Requestland closes at approximately 7:30 PM for sellers and closes at 10:00 PM for requesters. It opens at 7:00 AM in the morning. Because the opening and closing occur according to the rotation of this planet, the actual time depends on your location.

    Sellers may close their business much earlier than Requestland does. You may not hear from them until the next business day or later.

  • location_on Enabling location service

    Requestland is a map based app. Responders require to provide location information for locality aware transactions and improving local economies. When you are asked for permission for location information, press "Permit". Or, permit the use of location information on the browser and the OS.

    When location information is not available, it estimates your location from IP address. However, the accuracy of the estimation is low, you might have troubles during use.

    Permit on the browser.
    And permit on the OS.

Organization management

  • people_alt Create an organization and manage it

    To create an organization, tap the user menu button at the upper right corner to open the user menu. Tap "Create a new organization" to create an organization. You can switch user accounts on the user menu.

    Instead, if you are not logged in, press "Register organization" or "Register shop, family.." or " button to create an organization and the first user. In this case, you cannot switch user accounts on the user menu. So, the previous method is much preferable.

    Once you create a new organization, you will become the first user of the organization and an organization admin. Log in with the first user's Land ID. The setup will be invoked to guide you for basic setup such as adding users and setup receivers.

    For organizations that sell and provide something for a fee, and governmental organizations, guides also guides through organization information verification and identity verification of a user.

    Image of organization settings menu Organization settings menu

    "Organization settings menu" lists menus for managing organization.

    On public profiles page, you can create and manage profiles for branches and languages.

    On Options and quotas page, you can confirm the usage of features and options. Also you can buy more options or reduce them.

    When you want to work in another organization, press one of Land IDs listed under "My user accounts" on the user menu.

    Opening User menu reloads user settings, organization settings, and group settings. If you open the User menu during editing one of them, change will be canceled.
  • store Organization profiles

    On a public profiles page, you can create and manage profiles for branches and languages.

    You can write many items but, as some items are obtained from the basic information, cannot change.

    If you want to sell, you must fill in a public profile with sales policies such as contact information and return policy as they are mandatory by law in many countries. Until you finish that, you cannot make an entry to a request to sell.

    The item "Our location and business area" is also important. If you use "Tap the map to set location", your organization will be included in the search results of the "Search for shops and organizations" page. (plan)

    The logo image will be displayed to your peer during message sessions and used for the user menu icon.

    For an organization that sells, don't use a facial photo so that anyone can earn regardless of race, gender or age. You need to choose a logo that your customer could have good impression to you. For example, an animal photo is not appropriate.

  • people_alt Add users to an organization and manage

    To add users, press "Share, invite, add users" on the user menu.

    The Users page displays the list of users and allows you to manage them. You can add, delete users and change users' basic information and password. The date in the list of users is the date that the user last logged in.

    To add a user, press the + button. Fill a form with user's name, a Land name, and a temporary password. You can copy a new Land ID and the password of the user at the end of the form. Send them to the user via a safe means. When the user logs in first time, the user will be prompted to input user information including a new password.

    Caution: There is a risk that somebody else steals the temporary password to hijack the account and you can't know that. Use a very safe means to send the temporary password. Email is risky because so many users don't know that their emails are cracked.

    To disable a user's login, open the user and press Edit, then check "Login disabled".

    To disable a user's write operations, open the user and press Edit, then check "Read-only".

    The basic user information has some fields for your use such as Member/Employee ID, User use 1, 2, and 3. User use 3 is invisible to non admin users.

    (Plan) The Group page allows you to manage groups. Initially there is only the "Head office" group that represents the headquarters. In the future, we plan to add management functions for branches, groups and access rights.

  • people_alt View user's login record and reset user's password
    Reset user's password Reset user's password

    In the user list, you can check the login history of each user and reset password via user's extended menumore_vert.

    When an admin resets a user's password, the user is forced out on all devices.

    And if the user has registered an email address, a temporary password will be emailed to the user. Otherwise, a temporary password will be displayed for you to pass to the user.

    When the user logs in next time, the user will be prompted to enter a new password.

    To reset multiple user's passwords, press EDIT, select users, then select Reset password in the more_vert extended menu next to delete button.

    By changing the password, re-login will be required on the user's devices.

    You can view login histories of all users in Login history page.

    Resetting passwords is useful when administrators discover a user's suspicious login history. If there is a possibility that the user's e-mail password has been leaked and the e-mail has been read by a malicious third party, change the user's e-mail address to a safe one and then reset the password. Note that the fact of the change of the email address will be sent to the new and old email addresses.

  • delete Delete organization

    User menu → Organization settings → Delete organization

    Once you delete your organization, all users and data will be inaccessible and will be deleted after a certain period. D-domains will be deleted immediately. They can't be undone.

    Because messages and quotes you sent were copied to your peer, they can continue to read them. Payment subscriptions will be canceled. You won't be refunded for the billing period during which you cancel.