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Participation of international students is welcomed.

A new world to sell for requests

Requestland is a free and low-cost marketing tool that you can sell for requests.

Search the map to find where potential customers who are looking for your products. You can sell new, used, services, and rentals.
Many sellers will have much more sales, even at the same prices, while buyers purchase cheaper than before.
AI taking over jobs? A new technology allows anyone to increase pay and jobs, making the community thrive.
Beta testing. Seller registration is easy.


Image of the map and requests

In a project for respond and sell, search for requests such as "I want..." or receive automatically.


Image of entry

Make an entry to a request. Or, receive a direct request*0.

looks_3Ad or sell

Image of video session to sell

Provide ad or sell with message, video session, or Banban board. Or invite to your shop.

Detailed usage

For sellers: The points and usage of Banban board

language Works on web browsers. Requests support 170 currencies and 37 languages. Available in 190 countries.

privacy_tip Warranty and support are provided by the sellers. None by Requestland. Please use at your own risk. All things are hypothesis and we expect they will come true when there are enough number of users.

No fee for initial, monthly, and contract

As you can decide entry fees yourself, you can use it for free. Paid options for productivity are also available.

For sale, make an organization for sale. Verification of organization information is required. A branch or division can make an organization without the head-quarter's certification. Individuals may not sell.

No more rankings

Your worries about the search ranking will disappear with less discount competition.

No search ranking or ratings here. Sellers are randomly selected from entries and few (typically three, up to six). That gives you more sales opportunities and prevents discount competition while ensuring buyers' freedom and enjoyment of choice. Use the cost and effort of attracting customers for your customers. It is highly efficient because you can handle message sessions and serve video recordings for multiple customers in your spare time.

Hope to spread: A new tool for the inflation

When to use Requestland

blockDon't do for

  • Sales or contact the buyer outside Requestland. It's OK that you are contacted from the buyer.
  • Free and low-priced accommodation, drive sharing, babysitters, or child-sitters.
  • Labor below the minimum wage.
  • Starting a solo business on Requestland because of instability.
  • Much more on the ban list. Please confirm.

The points for sellers

Tap to enlarge

See where your new customers are!

Search Requestland for business opportunities. You can find requests that want your products or services*2,4.
Illustration of a family
Illustration of a push cart

Start without product registration

You can say "how about this?" to a requester who wants it. Use your existing or link payment method.
Illustration of use for free

Use for free

You can decide entry fees. No entry fee would be OK. The pricing of options fits your country's price level.
Illustration of a family

Opportunities come into phone

Receivers automatically receive requests. The free receiver can contain 10 keywords, which is enough in most cases.

Contribute to the hometown

A receivers can receive requests on up to 16 addresses or in a box area, near or far.
Illustration of good morning

Welcome Doumo! Goodbye ratings!

No ratings. No rankings. So, have good mornings! Doumo is the buyer's feedback for thanks and recommendation.
Illustration of a cook and a waitress

Traditional and online

Also good for expensive products or require a meeting such as construction, trying out at your shop.

Offer in message or video sessions

You will be happy to contribute to realizing customers' requests*5. Recorded videos are also OK.
Illustration of Banban board with sales

Offer and think on Banban board

While talking, drag and drop products from your online shop to shared Banban board. Think together.

No need to keep company for long

Drag products from your online shop to message sessions to send as offer cards. Customers think for themselves and order with the buy button.
Illustration of handing a product

Sell remotely in COVID-19 age

Receive orders on messages, video, or Banban board then ship them or schedule a pick-up at your shop. Reduce long stay in the shop.
Illustration of a business man

Versatile. One place

The Land is general purpose, so just ask your customers to use this one.
Purchase funnel

All from lead discovery to selling

Seamless sales process from finding new customers to meeting, shared note, quoting, and selling.
Illustration of in trouble

Receive leads at the beginning

Make entries to requests such as "Oh, I'm in trouble". Also, it's a good tool for the job theory.

Rich tools for in-house use

You can use in-house messages, video meeting, note/file sharing, task management.

Branding with a Land domain name

Getting land domain names for organizations is first come, first served. (Keep one now)

Branding with firm's logo and color

All users can share firm's title and theme. (option in plan)
Illustration of a family

Improve local economy and your income

Talk with buyers. Make added value your income.

Purchase with the buyers' motivation

Selling from you rarely work, right? The requests are purchases motivated by customers themselves. They are chances. The more shops participate, the stronger the ability to attract customers.

Prevents discount competition, gives you much chance

Even if the number of entries is many, sellers are randomly selected up to the number specified by the requester (up to six, typically three). The small number prevents discount competition and gives you much chance. The selection is done by weighted random numbers with entry fees. You can have expectation even with small entry fees. There's no problem of AI such that your destiny is determined with others' past behavior and opaqueness.

DX, SX, and remote sales

Reduce CO2 emissions with local sales on the land map. Meet new customers in digital transformation.

We need your help

Due to the pandemic, so so many people have lost their lives or jobs. No time to lose.

As requests increase, users will gather and it will become a secure and convenient place for remote purchases and sales. You can use it for free and your privacy will be protected.

Sellers, please setup a receiver to receive requests that request your products automatically. When making an entry to a request, please write a new request for a purchase or procurement of your own.

Thanks! 👍

Follow updates and share for COVID-19.
  • *0 Option under development.
  • *1 Option. Add a simple API to your online shop, and Push-in-Cart pushes orders to a cart on the shop.
  • *2 Available when the Land has enough users. Don't take too many requests, please. Know sufficiency.
  • *3 Click-to-cart style shopping will be available in a future release.
  • *4 The more requests you write and people you invite, the faster Requestland will ramp up.
  • *5 Video for more than three people is an option. A feature that reduces cost for messages will be available in a future release.
Warranty and support by the sellers

The warranty and support of products are provided by sellers. Every trade has risks. Please check that the seller is trustworthy. Confirm their warranty and return policy on their public profiles very carefully before order.

In the event of a problem, please confer with one another and work out a solution. You can find the seller's phone number on the seller's public profile.

If you are cheated, report immediately to your local police with the seller's IP address (press IP address button of the message session). Also press the report improper use button of the message to inform us.

Best effort, no support

Contracts and sales are done between users, and Requestland is not involved. Requestland does not provide any support. Providing support in the world would impose a large cost that prevents free or cheap use. Please use it at your own risk. That does not, however, imply that the Land is lawless. We have a zero-tolerance policy for unauthorized use. We may monitor information that goes outside your organization. In the future, we will provide free community support, mutual checking, paid support, and discussion lists.


Although free quotas may be enough for small entities, larger entities may need payed options.

Requestland is in the testing and hypothetical stage. All descriptions are what we expect when with the enough number of users. There are many problems and limitations. Service suspension, data exposure or data loss may occur.

Your data and personal information are stored on cloud servers around the world for quick and safe access. It may not comply with your country's privacy protection or Internet security law. Use at your own risk.

  • error Cautions and warnings
    • Use for work with below the minimum wage is strictly prohibited. Give them or yourself an appropriate pay that will improve their or your income.
  • security About your privacy

    Requestland uses your location information provided by your device or estimated from your IP address for trades. Your public information displays country and state/prefecture.

    During a message session, your name, country and state/prefecture, your public profile and IP address are disclosed. Responder's Land ID is also displayed. (Generally, on an email you can see the peer's IP address.)

    More more detail read our privacy policy.

  • clear Deletion of user and withdrawal from Requestland

    If you delete a user, you will not be able to login and access your data. The Land name will be deleted immediately.

    Because messages, comments, and quotes you sent were copied to your peer, they can continue to read them. Your obligations to payment and provision of products will not disappear.

    Subscriptions of paid options will be canceled. You won't be refunded for the billing period during which you cancel.

    Withdrawal from Requestland will be done when you delete the individual user and all organizational users you are having. Organization accounts can be deleted only by administration users.

    User accounts and organizations that have not been logged in for more than a year may be deleted without notice.