Verificación de la identidad del vendedor y verificación de la información de la organización

We check seller organizations for safety trading. We check that the information which you provided is correct and that your product is not banned.


You can use employee invitations, receiver settings, projects, notes, etc without identity verification / organization information verification. Complete identity verification and organizational information verification before making an entry to a request and selling.

Identity verification / organization information verification

In order to make an entry to a non-free request and sell, it is necessary to create an organization to sell, verify the identity of one person in charge, and confirm the organizational information. Start the procedure from "Setup" in the organization settings.

It takes time to complete the confirmation after applying, so we recommend that you complete the procedure as soon as you create the organization. (About 3 business days)

Identity verification (User)

One of the members of the organization should verify the identity. Make sure that your personal user's registration information matches your official ID. You don't have to be a representative.

Upload one of the following official verification documents that have a photo and a video with your face with the verification documents. (Student ID and employee ID cannot be used)
Check your name, address, date of birth, gender, and face photo.

  • Driver's license
  • ID card (If you do not have a driver's license)

Upload three files: front side, back side, identity verification document and face video.

Document and face video (take a video in a bright place)

Confirmation of organization information

Those with * (asterisk) will be posted to the public profile and will be open to all users.

Check items

  • Official name *
  • Head office address *
  • Name of a representative
  • The position and division of the person in charge
  • Homepage or social media *
    Verify that the person in charge of your organization belongs to that organization, either way. "1. Match the domain of the homepage with the domain of the user's email address" "2. Post an article containing the land domain name on social media"
  • Products / Services *
    Cannot be used if a product is banned
  • Photographs of the outside and inside of the store with the person who confirmed the identity
  • All required items on the policy tab on your public profile are filled in

For corporations

  • Corporate Number

For sole proprietors

  • A copy of the opening notification (image data)

For public and governmental organizations

  • Power of attorney (delegation of authority so that the account registrant can access the account)
  • Organizational rules and documents proving the existence of the organization
  • Articles of Incorporation or Terms
  • Proof of address (electricity, water, landline receipts, national and local tax receipts, tax payment certificates, social insurance premiums issued within 6 months in the name of the government / administrative agency Receipt)

For business that requires permission, uploading documents showing registration is required.

Please follow the laws of each region and country. Below are some examples.
  • Secondhand dealer license (second-hand goods, recycled goods, handling of second-hand goods, etc.)
  • Travel business registration card (travel agency, etc.)
  • Certificate of notification of establishment (practitioner's office, etc. (acupuncture and moxibustion clinic, treatment clinic, osteopathic clinic / osteopathic clinic))

  • If your registration information changes, please contact us using the inquiry form. (Example: change of name, address or change of corporate name)
  • Please take a picture of the confirmation document with a camera or scan it with a scanner.
  • Please upload the image data in any of jpg, jpeg, png, and HEIC formats.
  • Please upload the video data in either mp4 or mov format.
  • Uploaded files are legally stored on the server.