Q&A for want, buy, and ask


Find appropriate responders, sellers, products or services
  • Write requests (your wants or trouble) on the ​land map to find the right seller.
  • Search for products sold in the area specified on the map on Supplandia. (in plan)
  • Search the map for sellers and view profiles and SDGs reports.
  • Send Thanks! message for feedback.
Think and compare what to buy on a Banban board
  • Write a card on a Banban board including note, links, images, prices at multiple stores.
  • Sort the cards and rank them as you want to buy.
  • Plan your trip and enjoy coordinating your clothes.
  • Drag & drop images and links from websites to the Banban board to make cards and compare.
  • Drag & drop products from Supplandia to make and compare cards.
  • Share the Banban board with other users and operate it simultaneously, share it while talking in a video session.
Talk to responders (sellers) and friends
  • Exchange messages, photos, videos, PDFs and other files in chat sessions.
  • Publish chat messages in public (for the safety of the elderly, etc.).
  • Talk face to face in a video session. Call participants by email or chime. All view/person view. Up to 3 people in Full HD. (video for many people is under development.)
  • Screen sharing.
  • Send a link (URL) to invite to a video session.
  • Operate the app with audio only.
  • Receive a quote.
Resolve the disparity problem
  • Buy from local sellers on the land map.
  • Select multiple sellers to disperse income opportunities randomly, while meeting requests such as tastes and prices, and selecting from a variety of products and services
  • Request shift disperse income opportunities so that they are not biased
Illustration of a shop and a tree

Rainy day, Request Land.

Illustration of a shopping woman
Be very careful of fraudulent sales during a chat session. End the session if you are pressured to buy. It is safer to use an open session where the chat and quotes are public. The buyer should decline if the seller's price is significantly higher than the market price plus the cost of the session. Sellers must not force purchases or offer such prices.