Fees: requesters, buyers

Use fundamental features for free.

Fees: sellers, responders ▶


Membership fee
No membership fee.

Free D-Domain
In D-Address(user-name//D-Domain), your D-Domain represents your organization. D-Address is used to login, receive requests, receive messages, and so on. Free D-Domains include the year and a country code. e.g. hirai//peace-shop-2040-jp

A user has three free banban boards.

1GB storage
An organization can use 1GB of free storage. If you exceed that amount, you cannot receive or add new files.

Options (Future plan)

We plan to add useful options.

Land-domain name
$3.00- per month
Prices are determined individually according to words. It is important to have a good Land-domain name to establish your brand on Request Land. e.g. hirai//peace-shop

Addtional banban boards
$1.00 per board per month
You can use addtional banban boards.

$0.50 per 1GB per month
If you exceed the free tier, you are charged a storage fee. Storage will not be used beyond the free tier unless you opt in.

  • Fees for an individual user account are charged to the user. Fees for organization users are charged to the organization.
  • Organization user's quotas are shared in an organization.
  • Fees exclude taxes. Tax rates depend on the country.
  • We may revise these fees from time to time without notification.

Questions and answers

  • help_outline How do I pay for sellers' products? Pre-pay? Post-pay?

    Use sellers' payment methods. We will provide credit card and cashless payment methods.

    Pre-pay or Post-pay depends on sellers. In general, pre-pay for most products and services, but post-pay for some services such as repairs.

    Check the seller's public profile.