Hope to spread for the COVID-19 crisis. Save people with this safe remote purchase/sale app.
When you sell, give, or help

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Receive requests for want, buy, or ask. Sell, give, or help for them.

Who uses for what?

  • Individuals give away free stuff, answer, or help for free. (not for sale)
  • Traditional shops, online shops, solo businesses, companies, and governments sell new or used goods, services, rentals, or transportation.

To sell, make an organization and login as an organization user. Setup receivers that receives requests automatically, then fill-in the organization's profile and upload documents for identity verification. Steps ▶︎

Want, buy, or ask ▶︎
Subtitles in languages are available.

When to use Request Land

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The points for responders (sellers)

See where your new customers are!

Search Request Land for business opportunities*2,4. You can find requests that want your products or services.
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New opportunities come into your phone!

Receivers automatically receive requests for you with powerful filters such as keywords and areas. You can reduce waiting for visitors and walk-in sales.
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A middle between traditional shops and online shops

Also good for products/services that are expensive or require a meeting such as construction, trying out at your shop, which are difficult at conventional online shops.
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Make offers in chat or video sessions

You can listen to customers directly. You can contribute to customer's problem solving with fun and worth doing*3,5.
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Sell remotely in the COVID-19 pandemic

Receive orders on chat, video, or Banban board then ship them or schedule a pick-up at your shop. Reduce long stay in your shop.
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Decide entry fees by yourself

You can use main functions for free. Start now without registering products complementing your existing sales routes. Optional Push-in-Cart*1 enables your guest to put products into a cart on your web site.
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Increase income! Revitalize your local economy!

Talk with them, create added value income. Let's build a next generation economic system that revitalizes local economies, increases YOUR income, and resolves inequality.
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You can sell

Selling from you rarely work, right? You can sell because the requests are purchases motivated by customers themselves.

Contribution to customers

It's a place that is customers' requests centric and for contribution to customers' problem solving.▶︎

Gather and attract customers

The more shops participate, the stronger the ability to attract customers. Make an entry to a request to offer and sell. If the number of entries is many, one to three sellers for a request is randomly selected. The small number prevents discount competition and gives you much chance. You can save the cost and effort of gathering customers to your site. Repeat request feature and direct request feature that only you can sell are will be available.

Get feedback

You can hear feedback's in chat sessions and accumulate expertise. That's a unique feature not found at online shops.

DX, SX, and remote sales

Reduce CO2 emissions with local purchases. Meet new customers in digital transformation.

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In our survey, 63% of people said they would like to use it.
language Available in 190 countries, 170 currencies, and 34 languages.
devices The Request Land app runs on the latest Web browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Edge on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
Use for work paying below the minimum wage is strictly prohibited.
Starting a solo business with this service is not recommended because of instability. How about writing a request to find partners?

We need your help

Due to the pandemic, so so many people have lost their lives or jobs. No time to lose.

As requests increase, users will gather and it will become a secure and convenient place for remote purchases and sales. You can use it for free and your privacy will be protected.

Sellers, please setup a receiver to receive requests that request your products automatically. When making an entry to a request, please write a new request for a purchase or procurement of your own.

Thanks! 👍

Follow updates and share for COVID-19.
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  • *1 Option. Add a simple API to your online shop, and Push-in-Cart pushes orders to a cart on the shop.
  • *2 Don't take too many requests. Know sufficiency.
  • *3 Click-to-cart style shopping will be available in a future release.
  • *4 The more requests you write and people you invite, the faster Request Land will ramp up.
  • *5 Video for more than three people is an option. A feature that reduces cost for chat will be available in a future release.
  • error Cautions and warnings
    • Obey the guideline and the ban list that defines proper use and improper use. Users have to contribute to mutual moderation to eliminate improper uses.
    • Be very careful of fraudulent sales during a chat session. Finish the session when you are persistently asked to buy. It is safer to use an open session where the conversation is published. The buyer should decline if the seller's price is significantly higher than the market price plus the cost of the session (e.g. masks). Sellers must not force purchases or offer such prices. Request Land is not a place to seek excessive profits.
    • All trades have risks. When you think you are cheated, ask your local police. In a session, you can see the IP address of the peer. Pass it, date and time to the police so that they can co-operate with Internet providers for the peer's name and address. Peace and Passion may provide user's personal information when requested by police and the court.
    • Use for work with below the minimum wage is strictly prohibited. Give them or yourself an appropriate pay that will improve their or your income.
  • warning ?
  • security About your privacy

    Request Land uses your location information provided by your device or estimated from your IP address. Your public information displays country and state/prefecture.

    During chat session your name, country and state/prefecture, your public profile and IP address are disclosed. Responder's Land ID is also displayed. (Generally, on an email you can see the peer's IP address.)

    More more detail read our privacy policy.

  • clear Withdrawal from Request Land and deletion of your data

    Withdrawal can be done by pressing "Withdraw and delete user" in the user settings. The deletion of individual user account and data will be possible only if there is no visible requests on the land map and no belonging organization user account. Organizations have to retain the record of your deal for a certain period of time by law, only administrator users can delete your organization account. If you need, ask them.

    In case of deletion, all of your data will be deleted, all of your user accounts will be locked, and your products and public profiles will become invisible. Your requests will be closed but still visible for three months in order to prevent improper use. Because messages and quotes you sent were copied to your peer, they can continue to read them. Your payment will continue until the balance becomes zero.

    Once you delete your account or data, they will never come back. User accounts and data for an organization and a user may be deleted without any warning if they have no log-in for more than three years.