A human and request-centered marketplace
for your wants, mind of help, and everyone's more income

Just write, "I want...", "I ask for..." on the map. Compare offers. Buy easily.

COVID-19: Buy remotely and safely. Encourage your local economy and shops!

Write a request

Do somewhere on the land map

Buy safely and easily by asking on text or video chat.

Want, buy, purchase, ask for free new, used, services, rentals, or transportation. Gather people, employ, find a job, or just wish.

Respond to a request

Make an entry to the request and sell

Sell new or used goods, services, rentals, or transportation. Give away free stuff, answer, or help for free.

Shops, companies for sale, give away, help ▶︎

Who should use?
B2C, B2B

Individuals, traditional shops, online shops, solo businesses, companies, organizations, and governments
Not for paid trade between individuals, but useful for free stuff.

Write a request
No installation required. It won't be saved unless you login.

Screenshot of requests on the land map
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Subtitles in languages are available.

When to use the Land

The Points of the Land

Much easier than finding out what to buy yourself

Just write, "I want something like..." with your budget, when and where you want.

Also good for free stuff.

Banban board when investigate yourself ▶︎

Map and requests
Place requests far from you for safety.

Ask sellers at once, save time and money

Ask online or traditional shops, experts, or companies as many as you like up to 6 in areas you specify *1, 3 .

As sellers who read your request and made entries are listed, you can check who they are on profiles and their products*2.

Place requests far from you for safety.
Screenshot of offering shoes via video chat

Enjoy chat, video meeting, or Banban board with favorite sellers for advice and offers. Just choose one you like.

You can avoid failures with professional advice.

When "Oh, I'm in trouble", have fun from request to buy on the Land!

It helps the entire process: the recognition of a problem, an inquiry, selection on Banban board , and purchase.

Shared notes, shared files, and task list are available for detailed consideration.

Illustration of Banban board with sales
You can make organizations for your friends, family and company. Creat projects such as "Car remodeling" and gather collaborators.
Shops, companies for sale, give away, help ▶︎

Supports improvement of your local economy and income

"My money is short". That's the serious economic inequality. We need easy, effective, and DIY ways to resolve it.
Image of income growth
Specify area on the map

Use the map so that requests go around in the local region, and the local economy grows. As your local economy improves, your income will gradually increase.

If you are able to buy near, you can reduce CO2 emission.

COVID-19: Hope to spread this safe remote purchase/sale app
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More points

For things you don't want buy online

For things such as cars and construction, just write, "I want something like..." or "My problem is...".
Illustration of a request for a red car

Buy safely in the COVID-19 crisis

Choose one you like and request delivery or pick it up at the shop (if available). No long stay in shops.
Screenshot of handing a product

Enjoy shopping with your friends

Share chat, video, and Banban boards with your family or friends.
Illustration of Banban board with friends

Investigation and decision making

Sort cards to decide what to buy on the Banban board. Share to coordinate with friends. ..more
Banban board <<<<<<< ours ||||||| base ======= >>>>>>> theirs

Respects your privacy

Request Land doesn't track your personal information. No ad tracks you.

You decide how much detail to write on a request and where to place it on the map.

Illustration of privacy

Patented technology

By your control of requests and built-in mechanisms using maps, you can develop your local economy and prevent global warming. We aim to increase your income and close economic disparities by buying and selling by many people.

It's a patented technology by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan, and Peace and Passion.


In our survey, 63% of people said they would like to use it.
language Available in 190 countries, 170 currencies, and 37 languages.
devices The Request Land app runs on latest web browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Edge on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.


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We need your help

Due to the pandemic, so so many people have lost their lives or jobs. No time to lose.

As requests increase, users will gather and it will become a secure and convenient place for remote purchases and sales. You can use it for free and your privacy will be protected.

Sellers, please setup a receiver to receive requests that request your products automatically. When making an entry to a request, please write a new request for a purchase or procurement of your own.

Thanks! 👍

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Illustration of a guide

Request Land is in the testing and hypothetical stage. All descriptions are what we expect when with the enough number of users. There are many problems and limitations. Service suspension, data exposure or data loss may occur.

Contracts and sales are done between users, this service is not involved. Support and warranty are provided by sellers, not by this service. Read their public profiles for policies before you buy.

Your data and personal information are stored on cloud servers around the world for quick and safe access. It may not comply with your country's privacy protection or Internet security law. Use at your own risk.

  • *1 Available when enough number of users exist.
  • *2 Click-to-cart style shopping will be available in a future release.
  • *3 Some requests displayed are samples.
  • error Cautions and warnings
    • Obey the guideline and the ban list that defines proper use and improper use. Users have to contribute to mutual moderation to eliminate improper uses.
    • Be very careful of fraudulent sales during a chat session. Finish the session when you are persistently asked to buy. It is safer to use an open session where the conversation is published. The buyer should decline if the seller's price is significantly higher than the market price plus the cost of the session (e.g. masks). Sellers must not force purchases or offer such prices. Request Land is not a place to seek excessive profits.
    • All trades have risks. When you think you are cheated, ask your local police. In a session, you can see the IP address of the peer. Pass it, date and time to the police so that they can co-operate with Internet providers for the peer's name and address. Peace and Passion may provide user's personal information when requested by police and the court.
    • Use for work with below the minimum wage is strictly prohibited. Give them or yourself an appropriate pay that will improve their or your income.
  • security About your privacy

    Request Land uses your location information provided by your device or estimated from your IP address. Your public information displays country and state/prefecture.

    During chat session your name, country and state/prefecture, your public profile and IP address are disclosed. Responder's Land ID is also displayed. (Generally, on an email you can see the peer's IP address.)

    More more detail read our privacy policy.

  • clear Withdrawal from Request Land and deletion of your data

    Withdrawal can be done by pressing "Withdraw and delete user" in the user settings. The deletion of individual user account and data will be possible only if there is no visible requests on the land map and no belonging organization user account. Organizations have to retain the record of your deal for a certain period of time by law, only administrator users can delete your organization account. If you need, ask them.

    In case of deletion, all of your data will be deleted, all of your user accounts will be locked, and your products and public profiles will become invisible. Your requests will be closed but still visible for three months in order to prevent improper use. Because messages and quotes you sent were copied to your peer, they can continue to read them. Your payment will continue until the balance becomes zero.

    Once you delete your account or data, they will never come back. User accounts and data for an organization and a user may be deleted without any warning if they have no log-in for more than three years.

  • warning Real estate deals, employment deals in Japan

    When recruiting or searching jobs, be sure to clarify the employment conditions and sign the employment contract.If you have a violation of Labor Standards Law, report it to your local Labor Standards Inspection Office. Request Land provides a place to post recruiting or searching jobs, but we doesn't provide employment placement services.Only licensed employment placement business operators can introduce and dispatch staff in Japan.

    When purchasing or selling real estate specify the terms and conditions of the property and make a contract. The explanation of the real estate association will be helpful.Request Land offers a place to buy and sell real estate but we doesn't provide intermediary services.Only licensed real estate businesses can mediate under the Homebuilding Act in Japan.

    The difference between mediation as a place provider provided by Internet services such as Request Land, legal mediation and mediation in Japan, and the need for a license for the travel and real estate industries, are explained in detail in the reference materials of Masakazu Masushima, (in the IT Comprehensive Strategy Headquarters of the Cabinet). Request Land doesn't apply to employment placement business,antiquarian mediation business, or real estate business.

    In countries other than Japan, please use in accordance with the laws of that country.